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The destroyer beats Platense on penalties and is the second division champion

The destroyer beats Platense on penalties and is the second division champion

The destructive revenge and won 4-3 on penalties Platency Clausura final 2021 of the second division in El Salvador and prevent the direct promotion of Zacatecoluka to the first division.

Puerto de La Libertad managed to recover from 0-3 at Cuscatlán and with a header from Colombian Cristian Caicedo took the title with a penalty kick.

In Russian roulette, mission Reinaldo Carpio and goalkeeper Gerson Lopez saved Tony Maravilla to celebrate after a 4-3 penalty shootout.

In 90 minutes the match ended with a score of 3-3 and in extra time this mark did not move, so everything was presented to the drama of penalties.

Platense and Destroyer will play a match next weekend to decide who will be the team that makes it to the first division.

In the previous final, it was Platense who received the highest honors, and had he won on Sunday, he would have achieved promotion to Class One after 46 years.

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Colombian Delgado scored a penalty kick in the 32nd minute and four minutes before the end of the first half, Rafa Burgos appeared inside the small penalty area to push the ball into the net after a shot from Kelvin Hernandez fired by goalkeeper Gerson Lopez. .

The destroyer had a clear chance to open the scoring with a solo maneuver by Jefferson Viveros, but in the end the assistant referee signaled offside and the action served as a warning to Ferrolinho’s defence.

Platense arrived with greater clarity and after several attempts he managed to advance after a penalty kick caused by a mistake on Colombian Camilo Delgado de Rosemberg Cuevas in the 30th minute.

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It was Delgado himself who requested the ball and beat goalkeeper Gerson Lopez to make it 1-0 in the 32nd minute.

Before the second half, Ferrolinho’s team celebrated the second goal in an attack on the right from Kelvin Hernandez who fired a shot that goalkeeper Gerson Lopez could not contain and came to push Rafa Burgos into the net in the 41st minute.

Destroyer coach Juan Ramon Paredes reported four changes early in the second half in an effort to salvage the match and seek relegation to return to the title fight.

The destroyer looked hard at the opponent’s goal but Zacatecoluka’s team scored the third on a counterattack that left the opponent cold. Kelvin Hernandez sent the ball into the net in the 49th minute.

Puerto de la Libertad reacted until the 58th minute and in a free hat-trick there was a foul imposed by the referee as a penalty between Ferrolinho’s claims.

The referee kept his decision firm and Colombian Cristian Caicedo inflated the nets for the destroyer’s opponent and 1-3 on the board.

Destroyer added drama to the end of the match with a Christian Caicedo header. The six minutes added by the referee was too long for Platense and too short for Buenos Aires and not enough to force extra time.



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