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England - Croatia (1-0) Euro 2021 goals in video

England – Croatia (1-0) Euro 2021 goals in video

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The England national team Presented in Euro 2020 And he did it with minimal victory against Croatia, the competitor who won at the Estadio de Wembley with a single goal Raheem Sterling.

as locals English They dominated the game from the first minute, and although they were in control of the ball, it was difficult for them to generate goal chances, largely due to the good defensive work of the Croats.

After going to rest with a 0-0 draw on the scoreboard, English team He retained control of the ball and had little control over his opponent, who despite having less time in possession of the ball, had the same number of shots on goal as the one he directed. Gareth Southgate.

And it was in the 57th minute when choosing England I found the winning goal thanks to good solo play Kevin Phillips, who took the ball in three-quarters of the court, took off four opponents and served Sterling poundthat entered through the center of the area.

Manchester City player born in JamaicaHe only had to wait for the ball to touch his right foot, despite the strong mark of the defender who came from behind to try to avoid the shot.

Merciful He ended up on the ground, but the contact with the ball was enough for him to end up in the net Dominic LevakovicAlthough he could touch the ball, he could not divert it from the direction of the goal.

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