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In 27 minutes, Spain ran over Costa Rica and crushed them 3-0 in the 2023 World Cup

In 27 minutes, Spain ran over Costa Rica and crushed them 3-0 in the 2023 World Cup

Written by Nayara Bachke

Wellington, July 21 (EFE). – Choose Spain He kept his promise and showed his best version in his World Cup debut in New Zealand and Australiawhen he ran, scored three goals in half an hour and without it Alexia Potellas begin, to Costa Ricawho failed to find rhythm on the field.

Spain, which has never lost an opening match, has been declaring for days that it wants to play football and has shown it. If there was any tension left off the field, what prevailed on the field was the harmony of a team united and always in tune.

The team was led by Jorge Vilda, who started eleven players She did not include Alexia Putellas, sheltered from the inconvenience she felt in the early dayshe went down to the Wellington Regional Stadium with determination and saw the cause of his growing favoritism.

With a fully attacking line-up, La Roja followed the set roadmap and pressed the opposing players from the first minute to ensure they had the ball for as long as possible, penetrating through the Costa Rican ranks and finishing off.

In the first ten minutes, Spain showed what their World Cup finals are all about, with Esther González and Aetana Bonmati dictating the blow that announced a party about to begin.

Join the soccer dance Salma Baralelo In dribbling and speed, and providing assists from the left wing.

Spain kept pressing to the limit and the targets came in haste. First, in the 21st minute, when Esther and Atenea del Castillo led the defense with an own goal by Valeria del Campo.

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It didn’t take long for Aitana to extend the advantage, in a move again aided by Athena, who completed a flawless performance.

On an inspiring night, Esther finally scored her goal, Spain’s third, in the 27th minute, which was met with a standing ovation from the crowd and to the beat of La Roja’s official song, sung by Elena Varga.

Without giving the Costa Rican goal a truce, the Spaniards kept their strength and had the opportunity to increase the score, with A penalty kick missed by Gini Hermoso in the 34th minute.

Weak Costa Rica fought to keep up the strong pace on the pitch but did not give up.

Amelia Valverde’s group played without his catch Raquel Rodriguezhe kept trying to find the gaps in the Spanish defence, but failed to break through the Red Wall.

In the second half of the game, the show continued, with a Spanish team very close to the “excellence” that the players were looking forward to.

Although the score remained unchanged, there was plenty of passing, dribbling and “nice play”, including a close range goal from a Chilean kick.

Fifteen minutes before the final whistle, Alexia’s entry, winner of the Ballon d’Or for two years in a row, put the finishing touch to a party that featured more than 20,000 fans who withstood the pouring rain with choruses and waves.

Spain remained relaxed and, as their coach predicted, found the perfect formula to neutralize their first World Cup opponent.

The Spaniards lead Group C with three points. followed by Costa Rica, Zambia Japan, which will meet tomorrow at Hamilton Stadium at 07:00 GMT.

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– data sheet:

3 – Spain: Misa Rodriguez; Una Patel (m88, Oihan Hernandez), Irene Paredes, Ivana Andres, Olga Carmona; Teresa Abelera (d. 76, Claudia Zornosa), Aitana Bonmatti, Jennifer Hermoso; Athena del Castillo (d. 62, Mariona Caldente), Salma Baraluelo (M76, Alexia Potellas), Esther González (M62, Alba Redondo).

Coach: Jorge Vilda.

0 – Costa Rica: Daniela Solera; Maria Paula Cotto Mariana BenavidesValeria del Campo; Melissa HerreraMaria Paula Salas (d. 73, Sheikha Scott), Gloriana VillalobosMaría Paula Elizondo (d. 58, Christine Granados); Priscilla Chinchilla Catherine AlvaradoAnd Fabiola Villalobos (M 73, Penel).

Coach: Amelia Valverde.

Goals: 1-0, 21st minute: Valeria del Campo, goal goal. 2-0, M23: Aitana Bonmati. 3-0m27: Esther Gonzalez.

Referee: Casey Ripplett (Australia).

Incidents: Day 1 of Group C of the Women’s World Cup Australia vs New Zealand, played at Wellington Regional Stadium in front of 22,966 spectators.

(c) EFE Agency

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