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John Herdman praises two-tone game: 'Honduras were a very well organized team, they didn't give an inch' - Ten

John Herdman praises two-tone game: ‘Honduras were a very well organized team, they didn’t give an inch’ – Ten

Canada Imagine spending a magical night this Thursday at BMO Stadium vs Honduras, but they collided before the “storm” of Catracha, which they knew how to deal with when it passed them, however, they could not achieve the goal of getting the three points on their home ground yet. equals 1-1 At the start of the qualifiers.

The DT British from the American cadre, John Herdman, confirmed in a post-match press conference that this was “a kind of match in which you should get all three points, but she is proud of the brilliance that showed in the second half”.

Herdmann He confirmed that the footballers weren’t completely clear about what they were playing, commenting that it was even between halftime, and they ended up losing 0-1 after scoring. Alex Lopez At 39′, when they reacted mentally and spherically.

“It was in the first half when they felt like it,” he said. John Regarding the time footballers realized what it means to play a draw. “When the first half was over we had a ‘holy shit, wow, that’s real’ moment. I think we were imagining we were going to go there and it was going to be tiki taka night where we were going to score 15 goals in the first half.”

Herdmann He confirmed that in the sequel it was when they showed that they were made after tactical adjustments with Junior Hewlett going in instead of covert Tajon Buchanan.

“By the second half we were able to calm the nerves, we made adjustments to tactics, the captains spoke in the dressing room and we were able to do what we needed to see; I think in the plugin you can see the potential of Canada. I think the most important thing is that they can Taking that spirit and resilience for what’s to come, and that’s going to be a great path for the team.” DT.

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to end, Herdmann He commented on H: “The truth is that Honduras was a very well-organised team. Their midfield, holding them back in defence, was assertive, they put no effort. They are very good at moving on. The moment I lost the ball was coming in the storm, but we managed to We controlled it well. We dreamed of winning 3-0 and put our strategies to rest, but we left two points ahead of them and we will have to recover.”