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The desperate demand of hospitals battling Govt-19

The desperate demand of hospitals battling Govt-19

(CNN) – “Help”.

That word, surrounded in large black letters and white space, became known as Ohio’s largest newspaper: the desperate demand of six Cleveland area medical organizations facing a flood of COVID-19 cases.

Read “We Need Your Help” The bottom of the ad. “Our hospitals now have more Govt-19 patients than ever before and most have not been vaccinated.”

Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals, Metro Health, Summa Health, U.S. The announcement was made by Veterans Affairs and St. Charity Medical Center. It follows a similar request from Minnesota hospitals earlier this month. That ad: “We’re doomed. We’re over.”

The announcement, made Sunday at the Cleveland Plain-dealer, is a reflection of the recent Govt-19 health crisis in northern Ohio, which has become an epidemic for nearly two years, killing more than 810,000 Americans and hitting several hospitals across the country.

The ad appeared Sunday for six Cleveland area health centers

“Now we are on a critical wave, raising awareness about the importance of the vaccine and underlining that most of those admitted to the hospital due to Govt have not been vaccinated,” said George Stomatis, a spokesman for the University Hospital.

Guayaquil County, where Cleveland is located, has one of the highest rates of hospital admissions to Covid-19 and 60% of all COVID-19 hospital admissions in the state, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Alice Kim said. A December 15 presentation.

“When we see the number of cases increasing, we also see how sick these patients are,” Kim said. “In 2020 they are definitely sicker than we experienced in the first months of the epidemic.”

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Gov. Mike Divine told a news conference Friday that the number of people admitted to a hospital related to Govt.

Divine noted that almost all Northern Ohio hospitals have discontinued selective surgeries due to stress from hospital staff.

The governor on Friday mobilized more than 1,000 members of the National Guard to “help reduce the inconvenience to hospital staff caused by the number of patients admitted to the hospital by Govt-19,” a statement said.

The free Govt-19 testing center opened Tuesday in Cleveland with staff from the Ohio National Guard and the Ohio Department of Health. But closed at the end of the day due to high demand. More than 1,000 people were tested, but records are no longer accepted, according to the Ohio Department of Health.

AstraZeneca is advancing on the Omigran vaccine 0:39

According to the Ohio Department of Health, one-third of Guayaquil’s population is not vaccinated.

“We continue to see that most of our patients, especially those in ICUs, are not vaccinated,” Dr Brooke Watts, director of community health clinics at MetroHealth, told CNN’s John Berman on Monday.

Watts, who has been caring for covit patients since the onset of the epidemic, said the difference this time around is that they see younger people, especially young parents, coming in with covit-19.

“There’s nothing more heartbreaking than entering a cov patient’s room and looking at photos of their little ones,” Watts said.

CNN’s Liam Reilly and Raja Razak contributed to the report.