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The decision Clara Shea made amid rumors that she is trans

The decision Clara Shea made amid rumors that she is trans

A few days ago a strong rumor started circulating about Clara Shea Marty and her identity. Several videos on TikTok and YouTube claim that the 23-year-old is going to be a man, which has caused an uproar on social media. For this reason, Gerard Pique’s girlfriend made a crucial decision, which was shown in her last appearance with Gerard Pique captured by the paparazzi.

In this sense, in the midst of rumors that she is trans, Clara Xia Marty decided to change her appearance and reappeared on the streets with a different look in the midst of versions about her identity.

What drew attention is that the public relations student and employee of the Cosmos company, the Pique company, looks more and more like Shakira, because of the change in her hair color and the way she dresses.

In this way, as the photos of Chia Marty and Piqué’s latest date went viral, many users began to speculate that the young woman was trying to imitate the Colombian singer. However, they indicated that it would not only be physical, but also in their attitudes.

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In recent weeks, Clara Shea Marty has also been seen in luxury stores and driving expensive cars. Now, it will be necessary to find out if his decision to change his appearance has anything to do with the attempt to imitate Shakira, as shown in the networks.

The decision Clara Shea made amid rumors that she is trans

In any case, the 23-year-old and Gerard Piqué are oblivious to the solid rumors that Shea Marty will be a transgender, as they revealed in their passing, without making any statements about it.

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