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The cost of living in Dom.Rep., says Margarita Cedeño.  Uncontrollable |  Momento.net

The cost of living in Dom.Rep., says Margarita Cedeño. Uncontrollable | Momento.net

Margarita Cedeño.

Santo Domingo.- Former Vice President of the Dominican Republic, Margarita Cedeño, emphasized that the costs of living are unmanageable for the majority of the population of this country.

He considered that this led, in the short term, to individual debt and a loss of quality of life for thousands of families.

Shy management

In written statements published by the PLD newspaper Vanguardia del Pueblo, he estimated that the difficulties the country will face in 2023 are due to a timid administration that did not provide an effective response.

A member of the Political Committee of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) also noted that this hinders internal growth and macroeconomic stability.

He said that although foreign currency income from exports of goods and services, remittances and foreign investments is shown in positive numbers, this does not translate into better economic development or citizen well-being.

So He considered that the government should review its procedures, especially with regard to public investment, which is the lowest in the past 72 years, on par with the highest debt in the past 45 years.

Problems in agriculture, education and health

In his analysis It included the point related to agriculture and denounced the government’s attempt to increase imports, which affects agricultural producers.

He stressed, in addition, that there is no ministry that provides them with the necessary funding and technical support, nor does it provide them with the technical opportunities necessary for competitiveness.He concluded that health collapses every time with the emergence of new viruses or combinations.

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