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Expressions about the Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe |  Messages to share in your day |  the answers

Expressions about the Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe | Messages to share in your day | the answers

Another year, Mexico is preparing to pay homage and memorial tribute to the symbolic and legendary Our Lady of Guadalupe, known worldwide as Virgin of Guadalupe. On December 12, thousands of devout believers will walk the sacred image of Morenita through the Aztec streets to mark a new anniversary commemorating her first appearance and subsequent Catholic devotion. In connection with this anniversary in Aztec land, we share phrases, prayers, and messages that you can share during the central date of veneration and observance.

Phrases and prayers you can share on December 12 to commemorate the Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe in Mexico

all December 12And, for nearly 500 years, its people have been passionate about it Mexico The anniversary is celebrated in honor of Virgin of Guadalupe whose image travels annually along the road leading to the Church of Insigne and the National Church of Santa María de Guadalupe (INBG), which houses thousands of faithful faithful.

Around the image and representation of “Morinita del Tepeyac” too, a story is woven full of the miracle approved in historical documents which, with more than 4 centuries of Christian faith, constitute one of the most important religious traditions in the world.

Below, we provide a list of related sentences and phrases Day of the Virgin of GuadalupeWhich you can share with your loved ones on Tuesday 12/12:

Prayers for “Morinita del Tepeyac”

  • “May the Virgin of Guadalupe, mystical rose, protect the weak and helpless in this world.

May your kindness embrace them and not hurt them anymore.

  • “Holy Mary of Guadalupe! O pink mystic of Latin America, protector of the faithful to your name and guide of Christian parishioners.
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Today I intercede on your behalf, begging for mercy and peace for myself. “Make my dreams come true and be my light on the path of life.”

  • “Blessed Virgin of Guadalupe! You are the Mother of God, our Lady and our Mother.

Do you see us here prostrating before your holy image, which you left for us sealed on Thelma Juan Diego, as a token of love, kindness and mercy?

  • “Loving Virgin of Guadalupe, benevolent spirit of the disabled, protect me on this day and do not allow anything bad to happen to me that will affect my devotion to you.”
  • “O glorious Virgin of Guadalupe, I entrust my soul to you, Mother who forgives everything. Do not let me fall into temptations and fill my heart with enough grace to be a good person.”
  • “We hope that the Virgin of Guadalupe will remove all our sadness, fill us with the light of happiness, and share with us that spiritual peace that makes every day better.”
  • “O Most Holy Virgin of God, protector of the weak, may prosperity and glory accompany all good beings in this world.”

Short phrases by Morenita del Tepeyac

  • “Thank you for always being there, especially when I don’t call you.”
  • “Miracle Virgin, thank you for everything you have given me.”
  • “May the Virgin of Guadalupe enlighten and protect us on this day.”
  • “You are our beautiful hope in the bitterness of this life.”
  • “Mother, cover my family with your divine cloak.”
  • “Beloved Virgin of Guadalupe, be my guide and protector in these moments of pain.”
  • “Beloved Virgin! Protect us from danger and light our way every step we take.”
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With “Amen!” You can seal each of the prayers and phrases shared in 2023, thus allowing you to remember that Christian devotion to Mary It originated in Mexico during the sixteenth century.

What is the story of the Virgin of Guadalupe and why does Mexico honor her on December 12 every year?

Annually for each December 12 It represents the most Catholic day in Mexico, one of the most important events, and at the same time an anniversary that brings together thousands of pilgrims in the famous INBG.

According to historical documents proving the origin The cult of the venerable image of Mary has its origin far away on a hill Tepeyac Exactly 492 years ago.

The telling of the story indicates that at a pre-Hispanic sanctuary located on the hill of the mountain range that makes up the Sierra de Guadalupe, Mary, the mother of Jesus, appeared on repeated occasions in the presence of… Juan Diego Cuautlatatzinwho was a farmer from the area known as Gran Chichimeca.

After her first appearance in 1531, the Virgin of Guadalupe ordered Juan Diego to visit the first bishop of Mexico, Juan de Zumárragawith the aim of conveying the message.

Showing disbelief in the word of Juan Diego and much more in the order of Mary, which consisted of building a temple to her, the bishop wanted to verify this with an offer that would confirm the message.

The Virgin of Guadalupe, in her last appearance before Juan Diego, asked him to place in his verses (thin cotton cloth) the flowers which he had made to sprout miraculously in the middle of winter, and on a hill in Tepeyac where there were no such flowers. Type of growth, opening the agricultural area to Juan de Zumárraga.

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Finally, on December 12, 1531, the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe was revealed across a thin cloth of cotton or maguey fibres. While the flowers she made herself fell.

8 years after the 50th anniversary of Morenita del Tepeyac, on the second Monday of the last month of 2023, all of Mexico will fill the perimeter of the INBG to commemorate 492 years of passionate Guadaluban sentiment.