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Brutal attack in Guasmo: Gunmen shot children more than 10 times, who died from wounds to the head, chest and back |  Security |  News

Brutal attack in Guasmo: Gunmen shot children more than 10 times, who died from wounds to the head, chest and back | Security | News

On the morning of Tuesday, December 12, there was confusion on a street in the Guayas y Quel cooperative, south of Guayaquil.

The neighborhood is shocked by the massacre that occurred in a one-story house inhabited by a young family.

Ruthless individuals arrived at that building last night and opened fire without caring that there were children there.

The bullets caused panic in the neighborhood. It was around 9:00 pm when the attack occurred.

Inside the house were two young parents and their four children.

The killers shot minors without thinking.

Jordana Valentina, 7, bore the brunt. His body received more than 10 blows to his leg, stomach, left arm, and head.

His brother Adiel Nathanael, 5 years old, was injured in the chest, right arm, back, and head. Brianna Larissa, 5, suffered head injuries. The baby, Aitana Isabella, 5 months old, was shot in the abdomen, chest, and head

The children were taken to a hospital in South Guasmo at about 9:15 p.m. But their injuries were serious and they died.

Four minors were killed in a house in Guasmo.

Rosa Elvira, the mother of the minors, 24, was also treated in the emergency room for several traumas to her body. She is in critical condition. The minors’ father was slightly injured.

There was a state of panic in the neighborhood over what happened, as the family that fell victim to the attack was calm.

The adults had no criminal records. The father went out to work and the mother stayed with the housework.

On Tuesday morning, a number of relatives arrived at the villa to take their belongings and clothes. They did not want to comment. They were saddened by what happened to the children. Father was discharged.

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Neighborhood residents believe that the killers went to the wrong house and caused this ordeal.

The police did not provide further details about this case.

From January 1 to December 11 this year, 2,587 violent deaths were reported in District 8.

With a crime rate of 7.07, Ecuador ranks 11th on the list of most dangerous countries in the world, according to the 2023 Global Organized Crime Index.

Rstabilizing Led by Myanmar, a country in Southeast Asia, Ecuador lies close to Iraq (8th) and Afghanistan (9th) and above regions such as Syria (12th), a country characterized by ongoing conflicts involving rebel groups and foreign powers. (Yo)