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The community of Oriente is under water due to heavy rains

The community of Oriente is under water due to heavy rains

The heavy rains that hit Cuba on Friday caused severe flooding in several eastern provinces of the island.

Reports on social networks revealed flooded towns in Santiago de Cuba and Granma.

In Guama, which is considered the most vulnerable coastal municipality in Santiago de Cuba, floods affect different areas.

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For its part, in the regions of Nikero, in the neighboring province of Granma, the waters rise to almost a meter in some areas.

The local channel Tv Portada Vision Niquero said that Low-lying and flood-prone areas With cases requiring hydrological monitoring, it remains under water.

In addition, the Municipal Defense Council and Civil Defense authorities maintain a continuous assessment of the condition of rivers and rural areas that may be interrupted by heavy rainfall.

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The photos were shared by official journalists Lázaro Manuel Alonso of Cuban Television and Benigno Rodríguez Torres of Radio Guama.

in Havana also reported flooding On May 30th, firefighters had to rescue several people who were left incommunicado.

This rain is occurring when Tropical Depression No. 2, which formed in the Gulf of Mexico on the first day of the Atlantic hurricane season, becomes Tropical Storm Arlene on Friday and threatens the Cuban province of Pinar del Rio.

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The US National Hurricane Center said in its advisory number 5 that Air Force hurricane hunters indicate that depression She became stronger, to which she was upgraded Tropical Storm Arlene in the Gulf of Mexico. More rain and winds will be expected this weekend.