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The College of Health Sciences includes 15 new medical professionals – News Central

The College of Health Sciences includes 15 new medical professionals – News Central

They passed the Objective Organized Clinical Examination (OSCE) on Saturday at the Municipal Hospital “Dr. “Hector Cora.”

This Saturday a new Mandatory Final Exercise (PFO) assessment was conducted. In the facilities of Municipal Hospital “Dr. “Hector Cora”. On this occasion they were 15 Those responsible for becoming new professionals in the medical profession Subordinate Faculty of Health Sciences of the National University of Buenos Aires Provincial Center.

The new professionals are: Florencia Ararras Borgenes, Lorena Belén Caminos, Bruno Dris, Agustín Farias, Victoria Gomez Roldan, Analuz Goynich, Neria Pirena Hyland, María Paz Lovol Piano, Ari Paz Lustão, Rocío Dolores Martinez, Oriana McCobre, Carlos Arturo Muñoz. Mendoza, Agustina Proisi, Camilo Gonzalo Roldan and Maria Lourdes Sanchez Case.

It was the students It is evaluated by health professionals using the OSCE system (Objective Structured Clinical Examination). The OSCE is designed to carry out an evaluation of the clinical examination, in an objective and structured way, focusing on a very important axis, which is the fact of assessing the professional competencies of future doctors.

In this type of examination Theoretical concepts, skills, clinical abilities and attitudes are assessed in an integrated manner. When faced with a clinical condition or problem. ECOE has two written representatives present for each station and clinic.

“From the College of Health Sciences, we congratulate the new professionals in the medical profession at the College of Health Sciences and redouble our commitment to comprehensive, comprehensive and high-quality training.” It distinguished itself from the educational establishment.