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The College of Experimental Sciences awards its double national medal…

The College of Experimental Sciences awards its double national medal…

Almeria.- Talent acquisition, talent promotion and retention are the various stages that UAL covers in its interest to train the best professionals in the near future. In all of them there is a common bond, which is the connection to excellence and constant progress in the teaching offered. The prestige of degrees conferred by the Faculty of Experimental Sciences is a clear example of this, a claim that attracts students with a high academic level and which later becomes a fixture on a day when the expectations of that student body are. On Wednesday, October 27, all this took names and nicknames, since a very simple and symbolic work was carried out, to identify the personality of Juan Francisco Cuevas, a student with a degree in mathematics at the University of Almeria.

His faculty, Experimental Sciences, awarded him a computer as a prize for entering this degree in the current academic year 2021/22, after he was awarded a Silver Medal in the National Physics Olympiad and a Bronze Medal in the National Mathematical Olympiad, organized respectively by the Royal Spanish Physical Society and the Royal Spanish Mathematical Society. The award ceremony was held at CITE III and the award was personally delivered by Dean Juan Jose Moreno Balcazar, accompanied by the Degree Coordinator, José Antonio Rodriguez, as well as the College Secretary, Ignacio Martinez, to the Coordinator from the Math Olympiad Preparation Group, Enrique de Amo, and the Physics Olympiad Coordinator, Benjamin Sierra.

Coming from IES Campos de Níjar, located in Campohermoso, it has taken shoulders with the brightest students in the country, leaving the province of Almería once again in a very high position. Regarding the medal in physics, he got it thanks to his good work on April 23, when the call was made via video call. It consisted of three problems of 45 minutes each, the first two being of a theoretical nature and the third being an empirical assumption. With regard to the medal in mathematics, the tests were held on Friday 7 and Saturday 8 May, with the award ceremony on Friday 14 of the same month. For health reasons, 78 students participated in 29 local campuses, encountering six problems in total, half of them in the first session and the other half in the second.

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Juan Francisco Cuevas after all went through the process of arriving and being accepted into the university stage, and he did so on a remarkable note at PEvAU, which was set up on the premises of the same campus and is now his own, just like himself. belongs to his institute. In his choice of a university career, a degree in mathematics, he took into account the University of Almeria and exceeded the limit to take one of the 75 places offered, which is really great if you bear in mind that for this course, I reached half a thousand applications. As a gesture of gratitude for his decision to put his university education in the hands of the Faculty of Experimental Sciences, as being among the country’s top 30 students in both Physics and Mathematics, he was given a computer, a tool that helps maintain excellent academic performance as a student at the University of Almeria.