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The Chinese Academy of Sciences publishes a scientific station at sea

The Chinese Academy of Sciences publishes a scientific station at sea

Researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences have deployed a science experiment station on the sea floor that can operate long-term without a crew.

Scientists aboard the research vessel Tansuo-2, which carries the manned Shenhai Yongshi submarine, deployed it during their expedition to an unknown location. Xinhua said the station is a new deep-sea exploration system pioneered by China in recent years.

The system has a deep water base station in its core and can carry various types of unmanned submarines. It has chemical/biological laboratories and other platforms, in order to conduct a series of experiments and explorations about the life and conditions of the seafloor.

Chen Jun, a researcher with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said it has the ability to analyze samples at the same point they are taken, preventing data from being damaged or lost due to environmental changes or pollution.

Researchers will be able to remotely control the station and all data will be regularly sent to the ground control center via underwater gliders. Its power system can store 1,000 kilowatt hours of electricity and operate continuously on the sea floor for more than six months.

China has built an extensive ocean monitoring network over the past decade, covering the South China Sea, the western Pacific Ocean, and the eastern Indian Ocean.


Source: RT

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