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Formosa: A project with banana string for rural students will go to the National Science Fair

Formosa: A project with banana string for rural students will go to the National Science Fair

In Formosa, the regional edition of the Exhibition of Educational Innovation, Arts, Science and Technology 2022 was held, where more than 200 projects were presented, with the participation of students and teachers of all levels and modalities of the educational system.

in this way, The educational projects and students who will participate in the National Science Fair to be held in the 2022 edition have been selected Under the default method, from November 28 to December 12.

This program is part of the annual school calendar and is coordinated by the District’s Department of Culture and Education, promoting these collective knowledge-making spaces, allowing children and young people to have important experiences that enrich the learning process.

In this sense, It was among the educational projects that stood out “Banhilo – Banana Thread” that have been selected and will compete in the national edition of the science fair It was carried out by students of the fourth and sixth grades of Primary School No. 183 “Francisco Narciso Labrida” from the neighborhood of Villa Lucero, located in the town of Laguna Naínic.

Students developed the work “Banhilo – Hilo del Banano” that will compete in the national edition of the science fair.

the work It is an innovative initiative that deals with the placement of strings from the bone of a false banana. The farm stands out in the province of Formosa and there are about 4,400 hectares dedicated to banana crops which brings together nearly 800 banana producers.many of them are from Laguna Ninek.

This is how the investigation of primary school students project No. 183 arose “Francisco Narcissus Laprida”located in the city of Formosan along the national road 86, 8 km from Nainik, with an enrollment of 200 students divided into three Educational levels under the rural education style.

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Banana thread for crafts and products

Faced with an initiative complicated by the current situation in which small-scale producers in the region are growing bananas in the face of drought, as well as the rain and hail storm recorded in recent days, the students decided to re-evaluate the unique crop Formosa. also, They added technology and knowledge and gave it the advantage of ancestral knowledge to help indigenous communities.

Students want to assign banana threads to craftsmen.

The part of the plant that bears the fruit, known as the false bone, must be removed after each harvest. Therefore, the the students I looked for ways to turn the false stem of a banana into a string so that it could be used by Small producers, and therefore also for the manufacture of handicrafts or textiles.

Highlighted by Foundation Director, Gloria Edith Rojas Nihoe who – which”This is a sustainable project and we worked with native plants such as bananas.. Many of the students are the sons of producers or packers and wanted to contribute with them, the aim is also the knowledge inherited from the ancestors of women from the local communities”.

sustainable project

The goal of the project is to make prototypes to support the tomatoes and to attract the interest of producers so that they use banana threads and leave aside the plastic, which is very difficult to degrade and remains as a contaminant. “Banhilo – Banana Thread” It is an excellent alternative, with the aim of making a more sustainable material.

For his part, the city’s mayor, Julio Murdoch, valued the teachers’ work and the students In a technological innovation project that has been passed on to national bodies.

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Similarly, he pointed out that the cost ratio between banana yarn and plastic yarn is one to five, that is, it is five times cheaper, in addition to being environmentally friendly.

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