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The Chilean press is talking about a "nightmare", a "tragedy" and a "horror film" due to Ecuador's heavy blow to La Roja |  football |  Sports

The Chilean press is talking about a “nightmare”, a “tragedy” and a “horror film” due to Ecuador’s heavy blow to La Roja | football | Sports

The main newspapers in that country are talking about Arturo Vidal’s “fierce kick” that left Martin Lasarte’s team with one less.

For the Chilean sports press, Tuesday’s defeat against Ecuador occurred in a “strange match from start to finish”. The difficulty of assimilating the victory of La Tri, which bears a historical classification, as it was the first to visit in the 56 years of clashes eradicating the clashes between the two countries, is reflected in what Santiago’s major newspapers publish in their digital editions. They talk about a “nightmare”, a tragedy, a “horror movie” for the severe blow dealt by the Chilean national team and the so-called golden generation on the fourteenth date to host the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

The newspaper wrote, “Chile lived a deadly night in San Carlos, lost for the first time at home to Ecuador in the qualifiers, and the World Cup will move again.” Mercury In its electronic version, to indicate the victory of the national team, Tuesday, in the fourteenth date of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers.

And the newspaper added, “Everything happened in San Carlos de Abukindo for Lasarte team. Arturo Vidal was sent off and injuries to Eugenio Mina, Alexis Sanchez and Francisco Serralta who ended up playing as the “9” because there were no more changes. But the worst, the result. And the national team lost 2-0 against Ecuador in the team’s first loss at home against La Tre in the history of the qualifiers.

NS third, What happened to the team led by Martin Lasarte sounded like a “horror movie”. In a note entitled “Chile suffers apocalypse in San Carlos” the Santiago newspaper described what happened before the tricolor: “Dark force. Black magic. Simple bad luck. Explanations are sought for a bleak night in San Carlos de Abokendo. What did the Chilean team do?” For the world to even deserve such cruelty in 90 minutes? If Estopinan’s nine-minute goal was bad, Vidal’s sending off at the age of 13 was already a tragedy. Nothing could have been worse in such an important qualifying match. But then came the injuries of Mina and Alexis. Destiny can’t be stomach A nightmare A major clash against a direct competitor in the race to go to Qatar 2022 Without Sanchez King Arthur and Charles Aranguiz. Horror movie script.

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violent kick

in your head the fourth He said: ‘Painful defeat: La Roja falls to Ecuador and questions his trip to Qatar 2022. This is part of what that Chilean newspaper published about the Araucanian defeat with two goals from Pervis Estupinan and Moises Caicedo: “La Roja could not face Ecuador. With the controversial first half, he started The team led by Gustavo Alvaro outperformed the Chilean team after scoring the first goal in the 9th minute with a shot from Pervis Estupinian.Minutes later, Chile experienced a moment of tension after King Arturo Vidal left the field in the 13th minute after receiving a red card directly after a violent kick that hit the face of Ecuadorean Felix Torres.

meter “Chile stumbles against Ecuador in a game where the red team didn’t come out” in a “strange match from start to finish,” he said. as indicated by The “flying kick” by Arturo Vidal cost him the red card. When Ecuador beat Chile 1-0 with a goal by Pervis Estupinan, in the 12th minute irrigation Arturo Vidal made a fatal mistake that cost him a direct red card. A huge “painting” on the face of Ecuadorean defender Felix Torres made Al Redd evaluate with ten players at the beginning of the first half.