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The Chavismo-controlled National Electoral Council announced that it would intervene in Venezuela’s opposition primaries.

The Chavismo-controlled National Electoral Council announced that it would intervene in Venezuela’s opposition primaries.

The National Electoral Council reported that they would interfere in the Venezuelan opposition primaries

he National Electoral Council Venezuela announced on Friday that it would provide technical assistance for opposition primaries scheduled for October 22. Elvis AmorusoThis was stated by the President of the CNE in a statement at the organization’s headquarters.

The official confirmed that the National Elections Commission decided unanimously, “Providing a comprehensive technical, constitutional and legal service to the request made by the organization for political purposes grouped in the so-called unitary (anti-Chavista) programme.”Regarding the primary elections in which 13 candidates will participate.

Help was initially requested in June Jesus Maria CasalChairman of the National Primary Committee, a group created by the opposition to organize the electoral process. Casal noted that the CNE did not respond to the request, prompting the opposition to continue with the organization in some form independent.

Elvis Hidropo Amoroso, the new president of Venezuela’s National Electoral Council; Rosalba Gil, Carlos Quintero, Acme Nogal, and Juan Carlos Delpino (Reuters/Leonardo Fernandez Viloria)

Amoroso noted that the electoral body also decided to summon Casale to the headquarters of the National Electoral Commission in Caracas to hold a “technical meeting” with the electoral deans: “All decisions taken in this matter were unanimously approved by the electoral deans.”

He pointed out that the Electoral Commission received, last June, a communication signed by Casale in which the opponent requested “technical assistance to organize the primary elections for the unionist platform.”

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But shortly after, the deans of the Electoral Council resigned from their positions, in a surprising manner The opposition stated that, in these circumstances, it chose to organize internal elections without support from the entitywho remained in office until August 24, when the Chavista parliament appointed a new board of directors, headed by Amoruso.

The proposal is generated that the regime organize this stage of the elections ControversyBecause the intent of dictatorship is Create a dilemma in the opposition.

Thirteen opposition candidates will compete in primaries to determine who will be the anti-Chavismo candidate in the 2024 presidential election. Despite claims by Chavismo that opposition primaries will not take place and that it encourages legislative investigations into its financing, the national primaries and the Commission made progress in Disseminating the ballot paper and identifying polling stations such as churches, squares, and other places.

Despite the ban imposed by the Chavez dictatorship, María Corina Machado is the favorite in opposition polls (EFE/Rayner Peña R.)

Current opinion polls show that former Rep Maria Corina Machado He leads in voting intention, followed by the former governor Henrique Capriles. Both candidates have witnessed incidents during their campaign events, incidents that both attribute to Chavismo sympathizers.

The participation of the National Electoral Council in the opposition primary elections adds to the already complex political scenario in Venezuela. The opposition seeks to establish a unified strategy for the upcoming presidential elections.

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Elections are scheduled to be held next year. However, the deadline has not been set yet.

The Maduro regime, the opposition, and the United States are trying to move toward an agreement on how to ensure a free and fair process, after the opposition and dozens of countries described the president’s re-election in 2018 as fraudulent.

In recent months, The authorities imposed a ban on some opposition candidates To hold public office, including Maria Corina Machado, in a decision criticized by Washington.