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Election 2024: Jochitl Gálvez condemns being the target of Lopez Obrador’s “attack”.

Election 2024: Jochitl Gálvez condemns being the target of Lopez Obrador’s “attack”.

Xóchitl Gálvez expressed that the president revealed his tax and banking data, in addition to saying that she is controlled by a group of powerful men.

Mexican senator and presidential candidate Xochitl Galvez Today, Friday, during her electronic participation in a forum in Buenos Aires, she confirmed that He is the target of “attacks” by his country’s president, Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador, who, according to what he confirmed, He intends to win the presidential elections in 2024 “by any means necessary.”

“I am currently facing an attack from the federal government if I want to run for the presidency.”said Galvez, who was appointed by the opposition Front Enlargement for Mexico last August as its candidate in the election. Presidential elections 2024.

By speaking electronically at the second forum of the Freedom and Democracy Group, which is being held in Buenos Aires with the participation of center-right leaders in Latin America, The senator gave a detailed description of her differences with López Obrador, whom she accused of wanting to “discredit” her.

“He said I was controlled by a powerful group of men; “I don’t have any advantage, so how can I go from selling gelatin to being a successful businesswoman,” said Galvez, who also said. López Obrador made his companies’ tax and banking data public, which he considered a “crime.”

At the forum, in which former Mexican President Vicente Fox (2000-2006) also participated electronically, the senator stated that López Obrador’s indigeneity “makes noise in his narrative” against “the rich and the powerful.”

“The fact that a woman appeared, specifically, from a lowly class, of indigenous origin, he did not like that. He began the attack on Asli, the daughter of a mestizo mother and an indigenous father. “There began a systematic attack against me from the controlled media and strong persecution.” He denounced.

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Galvez, who was a member of Fox’s government, asserted that Mexico had “fallen into the hands of organized crime.”

“The biggest fear is that we will hold state elections, where the government will intervene with all its economic apparatus and social programs, which include millionaires. Here the biggest fear is the participation of the people.” Organized crime In the elections. “The president is ready to win the elections, whatever the circumstances.” He confirmed.