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Information from the Consulate of Spain in Cuba about appointments and passports

Information from the Consulate of Spain in Cuba about appointments and passports

In the last few hours, the Consulate General of Spain in Cuba has published information regarding obtaining appointments at that consular headquarters.

According to the information, appointments are now being allocated to a specific group of applicants.

In a note published on their social networks, specifically on their Twitter account, they indicate candidates for Spanish citizenship who need an appointment to obtain Get your passports Corresponding certificates issued by the Kingdom of Spain.

A statement from the Consulate General of Spain in Cuba said that those registered in the consular registry on dates before August 1 of this year can now obtain an appointment:

Those registered in the Civil Consular Registry until 07-31-2023 can now access our agendas for their first passport application appointment, which can be read in the Twitter post.

Long waits for appointments and credentials

For months, applicants for Spanish citizenship through the Democratic Memory Law have faced a real problem The way of the cross To obtain an appointment at the Spanish Consulate in Cuba.

After facing countless difficulties in accessing certificates issued by Cuban civil registries, and then a long wait to have them legalized at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MINREX), they do not have the expected facilities to obtain a consular appointment.

There are many Cuban applicants who, even though they have already sent the required documents, cannot even obtain known credentials. Even others whose Spanish citizenship has already been recognized do not have appointments to obtain their passports.

By some accounts, the Spanish Consulate in Cuba is currently upgrading its appointment granting system in order to speed up wait times, eliminating potential “loops” that brokers or appointment managers are supposed to take advantage of.

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The demand of thousands of Cuban applicants is, at the very least, that the credentials step be eliminated. That is, once PDF documents are sent, you can have a specific day and time for personal appointments.