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The Chancellery received authorities from the Faculty of Legal Sciences at San Juan Bosco University.

In the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Ministry of Foreign AffairsInternational Trade and the Cult of the Nation) The meeting was held in which the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Legal Sciences of the National University of Patagonia, lawyer Francesco Schiavone, participated, along with the Chairman of the Young Lawyers Committee and Treleo lawyer, Jazmin Casado.

The representatives were received by Minister Rodrigo López Gadano, Deputy Director of the Institute for Foreign Service and Worship (ISEN) and Congress. Meryl Rouvet, responsible for promoting diplomatic life and cooperation between diplomatic academies.

ISEN is the institution responsible in Argentina for training members of the country’s foreign service. This includes selecting applicants for diplomatic work.

Agreements with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

During the meeting, agreements were signed between the National University of Patagonia, through the Faculty of Legal Sciences, and the Institute of Foreign Service and Worship (ISEN), which will enable the spread of diplomatic work and bring closer relations between the two countries. Tools so you at Patagonia can access annual general entry competitions, create training and professional update activities.

Likewise, interest in education, training and further study in international law and integration was highlighted, while addressing the coordination mechanisms of Mercosur’s diplomatic institutions.

Representatives of the Faculty of Legal Sciences of Unpsjb met with officials of the Chancellery.
Representatives of the Faculty of Legal Sciences at UNPSJB met with authorities from the Chancellery.

Integrated configuration

The Vice Dean stressed the interest in training law students and professionals in everything related to integration issues in the region, noting that “it is a great goal for our professionals to be able to leave our faculty with the possibility of training in Patagonia.” Entry into annual public competitions for the diplomatic profession.

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For her part, Chairperson of the Young Lawyers Committee, Jazmine Casado, noted that the young lawyers are of good character and have great tools to complete and approve the degree.
As immediate action, a series of training and outreach meetings will be held between the Institute for Foreign Service and Chaplaincy, students, young legal professionals, and the Patagonia university community.