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The best time of the day to exercise and lose weight faster

The best time of the day to exercise and lose weight faster

In case you were someone who grew up slim down Losing weight is the first thing you should do An expert will be consulted. With the help of a medical or nutrition professional, you will have the tools to eat and exercise to shed those extra kilos. It would also be interesting to find the difference between a weight loss regimen and a regimen that seeks to gain muscle.

Many people exercise when it suits them best and in the time they spend between their personal lives and work, others wonder What is the best time to do sport. If we choose a physical activity focused on losing weight, it should be noted that there are many studies that have analyzed the effects of our movement depending on when we do it

expert looks Have reached a consensus Concerning the weekly duration of the exercise to burn fat: 250 minutes. This is a number that is difficult for non-athletes to reach. However, a post by Nutrition Clocks He ventures to say that it is possible.

Healthy eating and exercise

according to many ResearchExercising for 250 minutes per week It will cause 5% of our weight loss. If you are a consistent and committed person, you can go from 100kg to 95kg in seven days. However, we will not lose weight through exercise alone. To achieve this goal, diet must be taken into account. Indeed, specialists point out that in order to lead a healthy life, you need to combine the intake of useful products with exercise.

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Aerobic exercise makes your heart and muscles work longer (Unsplash)

A report examining the relationship between exercise, time to weight loss, and components of energy balance in adults Overweight, obesity and physical inactivity. Among all participants, some exercised in the morning (from 7:00 to 11:59) and others in the afternoon (from 15:00 to 19:00). At the end of the 10 months of follow-up, it was determined that weight loss was greater in those who exercised in the morning.

These results reflect that the right time to exercise can be Important when losing or controlling weight. Now, what is proper physical activity? Aerobic movements play an essential role when it comes to weight loss, as they are practiced for longer periods. As a result, the heart and muscles work longer (and more fat is burned).

way for everyone?

However, a different team of scientists conducted a study on a group of men who had a greater ability to work in the afternoon. In the five weeks of intense training, those who are not used to working their bodies in Early hours of the day They found more benefits when it came to losing weight if they exercised from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

Photo: Moderation is essential for healthy weight loss (Source: iStock)

This may seem confusing, but numerous investigations with conflicting results show it There is no one way This fits everyone. According to experts, each person has a working rhythm, follows a diet and exercises in one form or another depending on his needs or qualities.

So the habits that are part of a healthy life It will generate effects that vary according to the individual. When adopting this lifestyle, it will be necessary to take into account the duration of exercise, time and person. Those who exercise for ninety minutes at night may get better results than those who exercise in the morning and vice versa.

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Aerobic movement plays an essential role when it comes to losing weight

In short, lose weight Do not depend on a single parameter, so it will be interesting to find the method that best suits each person. Just as you can rely on the advice of a professional at the beginning of your diet and exercise regime, it is also acceptable (and recommended) to listen to their advice as you progress towards your goal. Ultimately, the successful person is definitely the one who commits the most.