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The resurrection of one of MIR's specialties looks at Monica García

The resurrection of one of MIR's specialties looks at Monica García

“part of Spanish sports successes They are under medical care.” With these words said the current President of the Spanish Society of Sports Medicine (Semid), Miguel Enrique del ValleThe need to resume dialogue with the relevant authorities was put on the table in order for this to be possible Sports medicine Become one again Specialization via MIR.

Currently, this doctor's “dream” is “on hold” due to… The current political situation They are waiting for the new Minister of Health, Monica Garcia, snaps, to resume this process again. Naturally, he realizes that although they want to “go to work,” they are running out of fuel.

“The first thing we should know is whether the ministry has an idea about this specialty He survives And it leaves again via MIR, becoming Hospital branch“As stipulated in the European regulations,” del Valle explained to. Medical writing.

The Association's most recent intervention with health was with the Director General of Professional Regulation, Celia GomezTo which he directed them Royal decree approving it in 2022 Where it is necessary to have seven autonomous communities that adhere to Funding in training One of the specialists in this health branch.

Health aims to “reclaim the debate” around sports medicine

In response to a question about the possibility of restoring this specialty, Celia Gomez explained in A Interview with Medical Editor There is a working group in the Human Resources Committee Specialization analysis in health sciences. After addressing the various health branches, the Director General of Professional Regulation confirmed that sports medicine is his specialty.”On the table. “It's been around for a while (…).” now This interest has been revived “By the communities and the debate will be restored,” Gomez said.

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Regarding whether SEMED had already contacted him Ministry of Health“Not yet,” Del Valle acknowledged. “It takes some time for him to settle down and name the team. We wanted to leave a reasonable amount of time to contact them. However, they already know about our situation, and they should, for once, move along.” Supreme Council for Sports “If you're still interested in specializing, you should move forward from there,” he stressed.

CCAA in favor of sports medicine return

According to del Valle, in the previous legislature there was Five autonomous communities support a return to MIR From this specialty. And he was among them Catalonia, Andalusia, Castile and León, Asturias and the Balearic Islands. “But now I don’t know their situation either and whether they will continue to support us. I imagine so.”

With the goal of seeing whether this CCAA continues to maintain its support in this legislature for the return of sports medicine to the MIR track, Medical writing I called cHealth and/or sanitation consultations To find out their current position on this issue, from them Only three of them She responded to this newspaper.

Catalonia supports the return of sports medicine to the MIR track

In case Cataloniajust as del Valle assumed, continues Keep your support When returning to specialization. Sources from the Ministry of Health told this newspaper: “All we can say about this issue is that yes, we offer our support for the new specialty of sports medicine.”

For this part, Castile and Leon They have not been able to 'advance' anything as it is currently a 'under study' topic. finally, AndalusHe pointed out that this specialty belongs to Ministry of Tourism, Culture and SportsThey are “the ones who have to speak out about the need for specialization and the future needs of these professionals.”

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“The Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs has the powers of specialized health training (ESFAs we did with the Ministry of Justice, the local administration, and the public function in the Andalusian Council with the specialization of legal medicine and forensic medicine, we will cooperate in everything they need in the path they decide.”

Although it may contain data, statements or observations from health institutions or professionals, the information contained in medical writing is edited and prepared by journalists. We recommend that the reader consult any health-related questions with a healthcare professional.