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Auditoria detecta pagos irregulares en fondos del FMI manejados por Hacienda en 2020

The audit found irregular payments in IMF funds administered by the Treasury in 2020


The Chamber of Accounts of the Dominican Republic published a management audit of the funds provided to the Dominican Republic by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in May 2020 through the Rapid Financing Instrument (RFI) managed by the Ministry of Finance. .

A management audit found wage expense allowances RD$23,500,000., For an unauthorized company.

Regarding the regulations established by the authorities of the Dominican Republic, it was concluded: formal workers who benefited from the PA’TI program received the amount. RD$20,000Beneficiaries of PA’TI scheme for an amount RD$9,980,000.Included in the State Wages.

Transfers for more amounts RD$9,764,498., PHASE has more than the established amount for beneficiaries. Excludes incentive pay increase RD$141,350,750Payments for amounts other than those established for the amount RD$69,161,200 and special incentives in the amount RD$19,230,000., Developed by unauthorized companies.

The objective of the audit is to verify whether the funds have been used to offset the economic and social consequences resulting from the pandemic (COVID-19). In the country, these resources are administered through the Employee Solidarity Assistance Fund (FASE) and the Independent Labor Assistance Program (Pa’ti).

All the findings of the administrative audit are available on the company portal for citizens to consult.

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