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Federal authorities arrested an employee of the municipality of Catano

Federal authorities arrested an employee of the municipality of Catano

General Superintendent of Green Areas, Public Works Department Municipality of Katano He was arrested As part of the operation by federal authorities this Friday, the mayor confirmed Julius Alicia Vasal During the press conference held this Friday afternoon.

Although Alicea Vasallo pointed out that the officers identified themselves as federal agents and were wearing clothing identifying them as federal agents, the president did not say which agency or agency they belonged to. However, sources New day They highlighted that the operation was led by officials from the US Postal Service’s Inspection Services Division.

The media also learned that the Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Office of Internal Security (ICE-HSI) assisted in the intervention.

Alicia Vassallo explained that someone she knows, but declined to identify until federal authorities do, was hired by a convicted former mayor. Felix “El Cano” Delgado On January 9, 2017, the municipality of Guanabo was transferred to Gaetano.

“At about 1:30 a.m., I went to the public works area for a routine visit to fill up gas in an official vehicle and saw several federal agents who had issued an arrest warrant against a colleague. “I saw the moment he was arrested, they read him his rights, and they put him in an official vehicle,” Alicia Vassallo told a news conference at the town hall.

“One of the agents recognized me and approached me and took me to the supervising agent (of the operation). He told me it was an arrest on federal charges, but he didn’t elaborate and I didn’t listen. I can tell you that this arrest comes as a surprise to me because he is a person I admire a lot, a hard worker and very much loved by all the task forces. We await the official reaction of the federal authorities to ascertain the reason for the arrestAlicia Vasal added.

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Although Caetano’s mayor insisted he did not know the details of the allegations against the employee, El Nuevo Día learned that the arrest had nothing to do with government corruption.

Former Mayor Delgado Pleads Guilty to Accepting Kickbacks (Kickback), conspiracy and bribery after receiving personal benefits of more than $100,000 for approving company contracts. Waste collection Y JR Asphalt.

Similarly, the former mayor of Guanabo, Angel Perez OteroHe negotiates with the federal prosecutor’s office after being charged with government corruption by receiving illegal commissions and/or bribes. Oscar SantamariaWaste Collection Officer in return for approving contracts.

“They are not investigating me. I am a respectable man, I know the law. I have come to work for the people. I am clear about the corruption in my municipality and we know about the issues that are not part of my administration, which are being resolved. I really don’t want to speculate (regarding the allegations); I Nothing came, I didn’t know there was an investigation against this person,” insisted the current mayor of Catano.