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The Association of Boroughs supports the move to regulate short-term rentals in Isabella

The Association of Boroughs supports the move to regulate short-term rentals in Isabella

Chairman of Vin Association of Paradoxes and Small Puerto Ricans Ins, Xavier A. RamirezHe expressed his support for the mayor’s initiative this Sunday Isabella, Miguel “Ricky” MendesRegulation of more than 700 independent short-term rental hostels operating in the municipality.

In a written statement, Ramirez said these short-term shelters “must meet all requirements, permits, licenses, patents, insurance and other minimum standards of social coexistence required by very small companies.”

Just like Torado did Last yearIsabella approved a municipal order to regulate this type of accommodation in the city, which receives a large number of tourists.

According to the Paradors Association, surveys conducted over the past 10 years have shown that independent accommodation has expanded beyond control, and more than 80% of these rooms are managed by businesses, co-ordinators operating as illegal hotels with 20, 30 and 200 rooms.

“Tax evasion is institutionalized through this business model and it is necessary to enforce our laws.”Ramirez raised.

“Evaluated conservatives reflect that,” Between 2019 and 2021, stay at these shelters exceeded $ 966 million, and evasion of taxes, contributions, permits, patents and regulatory fees exceeded $ 260 million., Ramirez added.

He recalled that the Municipal Code allows municipalities to take steps to regulate all businesses within their jurisdiction. Except, The Puerto Rico Tourism Company (CTPR) contains a number of rules that allow the imposition of restrictions on these shelters, with fines of up to $ 25,000 for non-compliance.

For its part, Christian RiveraVice President of the Paradors Association, these shelters are advertised on the Internet by seven business models, so it is relatively easy to identify them and contact their owners or professional operators.

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Parador owners recognize that these 25,000 Independent Lodges are needed to support targeted marketing efforts. They argued that they were only demanding their registration and control, and that many did not meet the basic requirements of quality and safety required by law.

“We support the approval of this municipal order in Isabella and we invite other municipalities with greater tourism activity. Consider similar commands, such as Carolina, Cabo Rojo, Humacao, Pons, Rinkon, Lajas, Fajardo, Vieques and Culebra, We look forward to supporting them with our data and tips. “