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From NTV Reporter to Emotion Coach in Miami: Another Official Journalist Deported

From NTV Reporter to Emotion Coach in Miami: Another Official Journalist Deported

“I am Mare, I can be your emotional coach. You can run your life”: This is how he offers his services. Former journalist Officer Cuba Murray SuarezOne of the regular faces until just before Star News Cuban television, and Today Resident In Miami.

Suarez offers his psychological counseling services through social networks and YouTube Website1 The official headquarters in Avenita, Miami, Florida are all under the trade name “My Lifestyle” registered with his company.

“This is a place where people come together to give and do good from the practice of good energies. We do not talk about politics, ideologies, religions.”The former reporter, who has 3,500 followers on Facebook, presents his mission.

Suresh’s website includes podcasts and texts by authors such as Joe Dispensa, Deepak Chopra, KP Vargas and Ismail Gala.

A summary of the biography provided by Suarez on that website He acknowledges that he received his bachelor’s degree from the Manuel Asgun Domenek University of Education in Chico de Avila.And “I worked for 20 years as a media company for television. I first worked as a TV reporter in Ciego de Ávila for five years and then, in 2007, in the nation’s capital, began working for the media nationals.” He will provide feedback on current national affairs.

As he mentions, he empirically explored emotional intelligence issues. He created “My Lifestyle” in 2020, “as a tool to help manage emotions in the midst of epidemics, providing ways for many to rediscover themselves”, and thereby ensuring that they seek to “develop positive energies”. .

In the summer of 2020, Suarez’s comment The Govt-19 on NTV created annoyance when the government was exempted from responsibility for the explosion And isolated the Cuban people “for blaming others.” In today’s “my way of life” he emphasizes that it is not good to judge others.

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Suarez’s case is one of a growing number of lawsuits by journalists and journalists linked to the official Cuban campaign for asylum in the United States.

In mid-March, the young announcer and television presenter of the official radio station Radio Rebel Alexander Quintana Morales He announced through his social networks that he had “finally arrived in a country where I could feel free”.

He left a week after it was made public. Jr. Smith Rodriguez left the countryMarie Suarez is a journalist and former presenter of Noticiero Estelar on state television.

Cuba is enjoying its greatest experience Exhaust In 25 years, Launched in November 2021 after the government opened airports to commercial flights and Havana’s political ally Nicaragua exempted Cubans from visas. Since then, tens of thousands of people have used this route to reach and cross the southern border of the United States.