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An autistic boy who went missing almost three years ago in California has been found in Utah Univision News Events

Conorjack Oswald He was trembling when police found him sleeping in a store in Summit County, Utah. No one has heard of him for almost three years since he went missing in California.

Oswald, now 19 years old. Autistic And police believe he lived on those streets where he was found for at least two weeks, Sheriff Justin Martinez said.

His family has been searching for him for so many years since he was last seen at the family home Clear Lake, Calif. They went too Idaho FallsIn Idaho, where the young man was born, he returns there.

Police are investigating how he went missing. Where have you been all these three years? And what happened at that time?

When they took him to Summit County, the agents knew they needed to see more. They reviewed all the missing person reports and found the 2019 report in Clearlake, California. So his family was invited. They confirmed the identity through a birthmark.

“Everyone is in tears”Gerald Flint, the young man’s stepmother, said according to the agency AP.

The family came to the morgue in search

Flint stressed that the agents did more than was established and that “it made all the difference.”

“We did not treat him as a criminal, we treated him as a person who should be deeply examined. It was that instinct that really united this family.“Martinez explained his role.

During these years the family followed without getting a clue as to where he was And even visited the morgue.