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The amazing life story of Miguel Angel, the young man who moved his story off Line 12

The amazing life story of Miguel Angel, the young man who moved his story off Line 12

Photo: Twitter video capture via RuidoEnLaRed

Due to the tragedy of the Metro Line 12 in Mexico City, many stories have been released about this fateful event. Among them, 35-year-old Miguel Angel Cordova, who lives on the streets and sleeps under the elevated sprawl that has collapsed, has attracted a lot of attention.

The story of what Miguel Angel saw was published through an interview he gave to digital medium Ruido en la Red, which went viral and caused a lot of people to search for him and offer him assistance.

Then, Vanessa Farias Maya, a journalist from the center, asked him to officially meet with him and learn about his life story, which was very touching.

In the interview, Miguel, who stated he would prefer to be called Angie, recounted that he left Tabasco when he was only 6 years old, due to a situation with his father that he did not want to deepen. He explained that he was from Olquatitan, a town in the municipality of Nakajuca, and that he left there on a trailer that took him to Lake Texcoco.

He indicated that the driver gave him a bill of 10 pesos and promised that when they met again he would buy his own trailer to drive, but he never saw the man again.

Angie said that since that age she has learned to survive without harming anyone, so she traveled from Texcoco to Salamanca, in Guanajuato, where she started working in a nursing home, called San Vicente, for the elderly.

“I arrived and they put me in the washing area. There were no washing machines. In the sinks I danced, with all the clothes, urine, excrement, every day, sheets, jumping and jumping, changing water, changing soap and washing again and take care.”

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“I lived a very happy few years there, studied elementary school, and I went downstairs there, because there was a library, and I sat there devouring books, trying to learn to read well, and there I tasted books by Sur Juana Ines de la Cruz or Teresa de Avila “.

At the age of sixteen, he left the asylum and returned to Mexico City, then went to Tijuana where he worked for two months feeding 90 pigs in a hatchery where he was paid 10 pesos. Then he went to live in Monterrey, where he met Anna Barbara, to whom he sent a message:

“And if my altagracia was watching me, then I’m still alive, I told you that this crazy person is not broken. I met her in Garbio in Monterey. My beautiful girl, Anna Barbara, my great friend, and wherever you are, I love you, wonderful, Anna Barbess, Altagracia “.

Then he commented, “I have had very beautiful experiences with her, that what I did not experience in the moment of her childhood, she gave me and rewarded them at the age of sixteen, with great respect. My mother was the eldest, after the other.”

To that message, singer Anna Barbara replied through her Instagram account: “Dear Miguel Angel,“ Angie ”, your message has finally reached me, and I am very grateful to her. It is difficult to address you, because I know I found you again later. However, I found you again. And I saw you again and for me all the followers, a person with whom I left a small piece of love in his heart, because it is also part of my soul, ”and he sang the song“ Forbidden Fruta ”.

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His last destination before settling in Mexico City was Nayarit, selling the bracelets he had even given for giving away. Already in the capital he started collecting and selling plastic cans and bottles, giving him enough money to eat two hot pepper and salt tacos, and water with tang, what was necessary to be happy.

Reluctant to talk about the past with her family, Angie explained, “The sadness is in me, but this will never go away. Because there are things the brain never forgets.”

One of Miguel’s most magical memories is the one that happened one night when it rained and spread across the city, where he found a bag full of bottles, which he sold, for which he got enough money to buy snacks and had an atoll and with the change he went to an internet café. Where he watched the movie “Wolf Feathers”, directed by India Maria.

Finally, he revealed the dream he wanted to fulfill, “My biggest dream, to retire now, is a job, a parking lot, a small room. My dream has always been to spend my day working and watching TV.”

Although she does not want to talk much about her family, journalist Azocina Oreste reached out to a man named Ocensio Cordova, who confirmed that he was Miguel Angel’s brother, and also said that the last time they saw him was on August 14, 2015.

Most shocking, however, is undoubtedly that he said that his family believed he was indeed dead, because they informed the authorities of his disappearance, and after fifteen days, the prosecutor’s office informed them that they had found a body. His brother’s physical characteristics since he had a tattoo and a scar, which apparently coincided, the only thing they could not prove was his face, as it could no longer be discernible.

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Seeing him in the news, as his story spreads, Ocensio and his family are surprised. “That was what we were so shocked at. We took him to die, we were looking at the possibility of going to Mexico City to go to him. I found that they showed him a picture of me and that the only person he knows is my sister Cristina. We don’t want to force him to come. If he doesn’t want to. On arrival, his causes will be present. “

Finally, I send him a message, “All we want is for him to call my mother, talk to her and say, Mum, I’m fine.”

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