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Adela Micha apologizes for saying Silvia Penal 'dies sooner rather than later' |  Famous

Adela Micha apologizes for saying Silvia Penal ‘dies sooner rather than later’ | Famous

Mexican journalist Adela Mija was the subject of criticism on December 23, after she said in an ad clip for her show “Me lo for Adela” that Silvia Pinal “You won’t die long” And because she was hospitalized due to the Covid virus, the comment was broadcast because her show synchronized online.

During the commercial break, Misha instructed her production team to prepare material on “La Diva del Cine Mexicano”: “Do we have anything ready from Silvia Pinal?” “I think he’s already going to die.”

Minutes later and on air, the journalist explained that she had requested the material to clarify a possible call with Alejandra Guzman and explained that her suspension was because Silvia was “older”, who had “heart failure”. “It was not a lack of tact,” he stated.

Adela Micah’s apology

Having become a trend in Mexico due to her controversial comment, the journalist shared a portion of her show on Twitter where she explains the situation and added the message: “I very much hope that my dear Silvia Pinal will recover soon, I’m sure that’s how it will be!”

Hours later, Adela again made a public apology on her Twitter profile and wished the lead actress a speedy recovery.

I never meant to hurt anyoneNot to mention the Benal family whom I love and appreciate so much. I sincerely apologize, and I sincerely hope that Sylvia Pinal, with whom I have been in a relationship for many years, is well and recovers soon.”

Silvia Pinal in hospital

Wednesday afternoon December 22 Silvia Pinal is hospitalized from Mexico City due to low pressure. Although they had already taken a rapid test for the virus that came back negative, the hospital did another test where the result was positive, and they were isolated for it.

According to information provided by her daughter Silvia Pasquill on Thursday 23rd afternoon on “Ventaneando”, Doña Silvia is “perfect” and He has no symptoms.

“They did their exams and It came out perfect in every way, lungs, kidneys, stomach, heart, everything, from their arrhythmia and urinary problem which has a simple subject though, which they take care of, but the doctor said to me: ‘Your mother is fine, she has no symptoms’.

According to reports from the Hoy Show, “La Diva del Cine Mexicano” is in a good mood and will spend Christmas Eve alone, but will taste a “fun” menu.