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Beyoncé reveals a secret that no one knew about Selena Quintanella

Selena Quintanella & Beyoncé (Instagram)

Since the Selena series appeared on Netflix, the artist’s life has been in vogue. In the second season of the audiovisual production, bigger secrets are revealed and some mysteries are revealed about the Tex-Mex queen, Selena Quintanella.

One of those moments the series was able to offer fans, to restore what had been a sentimental memory in the singer’s life, was precisely an episode with Beyoncé Knowles at Galleria Mall in Houston, Texas in the 1990s.

One of the benefits of this season is that it allows the series to relive the moments when Beyoncé was just a teenager, who was dazzled by seeing Selena, who was at that time at the height of her fame and fame. A professional success, recording the long-awaited album in English.

The scene showing the encounter between the original Texas stars appears in the episode titled “The Most Beautiful,” from the second season of the series that was recently released on Netflix. Here we see a young Beyoncé with her sister Solange and her mother Tina leaving the Galleria Mall in Houston, when they meet Selena, her sister Suzette, and her mother, Marcella.

Hence, the secret that Selena Quintanella took or perhaps her amputated future did not allow her to see how this little fan would be the star that she is today. Beyoncé was so shy that, despite her nervousness, she dared to say hello to her idol, Selena, who smiled sweetly at her.

Her mother Tina said in the teenage series scene at the time, “Beyoncé Knowles, you have to learn not to be afraid of people if you want to be famous as well.”

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This scene came to light, after Beyoncé told MTV Tr3s years ago about this real-life showdown with the Texas superstar.

I met Selena at the Galleria Mall in Houston, but I didn’t say much to Selena because I was not a celebrity, I just saw her and I said ‘hello’ and kept walking. Sure enough when I grew up in Texas I heard it on the radio. When I listened to her album, even though I didn’t know Exactly what she was singing, she helped me study with my vocalisation.

The American spoke about Selena’s impact on her life: “I think she is a legend and I admire her. She was so talented and I am so happy – even though she didn’t know who I was – I’m so excited that I had this opportunity. [de conocerla]”.

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