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Chicas Rivera shows off her curves in a matching coffee dress, styled by Kim Kardashian

Chicas Rivera shows off her curves in a matching coffee dress, styled by Kim Kardashian

Chiquis Rivera photo He shared on his Instagram account one of the most beautiful celebrity outfits this spring. The eldest daughter Jenny Rivera He explained that he was suffering from a heart attack and his fans left him hundreds of good comments and compliments. Shekis He is one of the most influential celebrity groups on social media.

Chiquis Rivera photo She looks more beautiful every day and her curvy figure is enviable. It doesn’t matter what you wear Chiquis Rivera photo She always finds a way to raise the temperature among her fans who always ask her for more postcards in colorful and tight outfits, although sometimes critics come, as some consider her to be from Pukhona, but she does not care about these haters. .

Sensuality is always wasted. Photo: Private.

Chickis Rivera and her wonderful photo

It is true that, like everything in life, there will always be conflicting opinions about fashion, but the truth is that Chiquis Rivera photo He has an important presence in me Instagram, Because he always puts a trend in every photo he shares.

It was in one of his most recent releases where Chickis Rivera fell in love with his fans in a tight brown outfit, made of delicate fabric to cool in the heat, in style Kim kardashian. The image contains thousands of reactions that show the support and affection of the followers.

In the caption of the photo, he wrote: A singer is always, never in love. I’m the lady behind the scenes though! Soon, he added, in what is believed to be a message to announce his upcoming musical material.

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Always giving something to talk about

newly ChiquisAnd he stressed that to reduce the severity of its texture, he drinks only water with lemon in the morning, before eating any kind of food, in addition to doing an intense exercise routine. But in the show Tell me what you know It was revealed that he recently went to a plastic surgeon, the procedure performed is not known, but it is thought that it could be a fat sculpting or a similar treatment.