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Belinda podría ir a la cárcel en México por evasión de impuestos

Belinda owes the Mexican Treasury $350,000 in taxes and has one month to appear | Famous

Belinda He is the latest celebrity to have had problems with the Mexican Treasury, after 2021 in other Famous as Laura Bozzo and Gloria Trevi They were also identified by the authorities of that country.

it is now Christian Nodal’s fiancée Who is facing difficulties with the Mexico Tax Administration Service (SAT) with alleged and significant debts with a summons to appear before the authorities.

How much is Belinda’s alleged debt to the Mexican Treasury?

According to a decree published in the Official Gazette of the Federation, the 29-year-old singer was reported by Reforma newspaper, on Monday, December 27. 7 million and 235 thousand pesos (about 350 thousand dollars).

The official letter, dated December 24, states that the representative must also appear before the Seventh Metropolitan Regional Chamber of the Federal Court of Administrative Justice. within 30 days.

According to Reforma, the translator’s job was requested through the PR official, but they did not respond. Over the past weekend, the artist did not comment on the fatwa referred to in it. What he did was share How she spent Christmas with her fiancé and his family.

Regarding the official document published in the official gazette of the union, Reforma indicated that “tax exemptions are described as a perception that the union deserves as a result of non-payment and fines.”

In the absence of this, the newspaper added, “the notifications will be sent to you via an electronic bulletin.”

Belinda and her complicated history with the Mexican Treasury

According to the journalist, the amount was 20 million pesos (about $966 thousand).. According to information published at the time, Belinda’s debts with the SAT have already lasted for at least 5 years.

At that time it was the IRS I was even asking her to go to jail, but the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic, in order to avoid a media conflict, suggested signing debt-repayment agreements: millions of pesos of income – the largest output of concerts and ballets – were not reported, ”as Javier Tejado Donde recalls the singer’s case.

According to the columnist, thanks to her connections to the current government of artist Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador ” I managed to postpone the signing of the agreement with SAT And continue without paying the taxes due.”

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