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Does Angela Aguilar own this private plane?  This is what we know: the photos

Does Angela Aguilar own this private plane? This is what we know: the photos

Aguilar strain managed to generate high popularity Thanks to excellence and maintain Song Regional Mexican, headed by Pepe Aguilar, who in turn learned from his father, Antonio Aguilar.

In that sense, Angela Aguilar has broken the charts, ever since the young woman was from 17 years He has a wonderful voice, inherited from his father, Baby Aguilar, and from his grandparents, Fleur LLC Don Antonio Aguilar.

This is how diminutive Angela Aguilar became one of the characters feminine More important in recent years, as it is worth remembering Angela Enter her last name when she was nominated for an award Grammy Latinius Best New Artist and Best Album By Ranchero / Mariachi For his album “Primero Soy Mexicana”.

Angela Aguilar’s private jet?

In this sense, it should be noted that fame Little In the Aguilar dynasty, it was so much that she established herself as a networking influencer socialEach of her posts is placed in the spotlight, transmitting her content to fans of all Ages.

Under this panorama, it is easy to understand that Effect And the singer, at a young age, enjoyed various amenities but many comforts Luxuries, Which is usually appreciated through Stories From Instagram or the moments that Participate In social networks.

Specifically from his latest Instagram stories, the “In Reality” singer has caused an uproar across platforms DigitalThis is after the revelation of a video in which the celebrity takes a level an airport.

Post this video and photos Nowadays, Users on social networks Started To respond quickly, and make sure that it is an airport He forbade a young woman of only 17 years old, however, Less Of age has not declared anything to respect.

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