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Jessica Newton defends Davis Orosco after criticizing Janet Barboza |  nczp |  Offers

Jessica Newton defends Davis Orosco after criticizing Janet Barboza | nczp | Offers

Organizer of Miss Peru and Mother-in-law Deyvis Orosco, He took his face to the Cumbia singer after the host of “America Hui”, He’ll call it the “Pavarotti Oval for Santa Anita”.

In an interview with El Trome, Janet Barbosa indicated that Deyvis Orosco was going to change due to his relationship with Cassandra Sanchez, daughter of Jessica Newton. For Barbosa, he was trying to adapt his girlfriend’s environment in order toMy mother-in-law (Jessica Newton) will love me, as she shows off watches, chains and jackets. For me, there is an unfavorable interference from her mother-in-law“, pointed out.

But his comments didn’t stop there. The driver has confirmed that she knows Deyvis Orosco and her father Johnny from the start and that they are two very simple people. Instead, he now sees and does not know the Son.

It gives me the feeling that I’m seeing the Pavarotti of the Oval of Santa Anita, showing the ring, watch, jacket, or suit. I believe that when a person is successful, there is no need to show it to material things. We live in a very self-conscious society where you suddenly give up on what you were trying to cope with. I saw Deyvis and this gives me the feeling that he is not him, and that he might be trying to please the new family with him who is now involved. It’s Deyvis, and I personally don’t like him. I see him as the oval Pavarotti of Santa Anita, cocky and arrogant“, he added.

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In the face of these statements, the cosmetic businesswoman did not remain silent and dedicated to the television anchor Waltz from Los Embajadores Criollos, “Víbora” on her Instagram account, and also wrote: “What a bad woman, always trying to hurt. “.

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