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El príncipe Enrique anima a la gente a dejar sus trabajos si no les reportan felicidad y la Red no le perdona

Prince Henry encourages people to quit their jobs if they don’t bring them happiness and the web won’t forgive them


8 dic 2021 17:31 GMT

The Duke of Sussex believes that people should refuse work that harms their mental health.

in a to interview With Fast Company magazine, Prince Henry advocated that people quit their jobs if it didn’t bring them happiness to protect their mental health, a few words that sparked a fiery backlash online.

The Duke of Sussex believes the pandemic has affected the mental health of a large portion of the population. “Many people around the world have been trapped in jobs that did not bring them happiness and now they are putting their sanity and their happiness first,” the prince said.

However, Twitter users responded critically to Duke’s words.

“It’s easy to determine if you have millions in the bank thanks to your father and your family,” books user.

Another loudspeaker hung: “Definitely E. Doesn’t live in the real world of real people who can’t quit their jobs. In the end we don’t have much confidence. He has to rethink that.”

In the interview, Enrique also talked about the “startup” he joined this year. After leaving his position as a member of the Royal Family, the Duke of Sussex took the position of Director of Impact at BetterUp, a company that provides training and mental health services to companies and individuals.

According to Alexi Robichaux, CEO and founder of BetterUp, Prince is making an important contribution to the company. Earlier this year, the Duke of Sussex admitted that he used the BetterUp app himself.

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