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The actress reveals the toxic relationship she had with Yolanda Andrade

The actress reveals the toxic relationship she had with Yolanda Andrade

It is well known that Yolanda Andrade He has had romantic relationships with various female characters on the show. The driver even claims that he had an affair with Veronica Castro And he even says that they got married; This was denied by the actress. In fact, there are other celebrities who have admitted that they were in a romantic relationship with the Mexican broadcaster, one of them being him Lorena MeritanoWho spent a month with the owner of the program Mo and Joe. “He is very loved and respected. For her, for her mother, for her sister Marilee,” he said.

“The story was very funny. I was in the teacher’s workshop [Adriana] Barraza,” Meritano told the Mexican TV program The moment my fate changed (TV image). “I started getting some letters and then flowers at home. Really, tools [Yolanda Andrade] Incredible to overcome. “It was a very special time. What we experienced was very short, but I remember it very beautifully.”

Raquel De Pombo is translator on the programme Lucky day, realizes that although he considered that poet to be something beautiful, he was too intense and calls him poisonous. “It probably didn't end well at that moment,” he admitted.

Yolanda Andrade and Lorena Meritano.

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It was Yolanda's time, who has recovered today, thank God. I didn't see it with any substance, nothing, really. We shared cinnamon tea, and I didn't drink alcohol. But it was a time of her own [dominante] He may have done things that were not right, but he recovered and that is the important thing. “I lied to him and told him that I was going with my friend to Valle de Bravo, and in fact I went with a boy.” “Yolanda comes with Martha and her friend, whose name I don't remember, who are friends of hers, and I almost died. I see her coming in like capo Pablo Escobar, like Griselda, angry.”

And he continued. “The truth is, it was a very violent moment there. She pulled my hair. He said, 'I'm treating you like a queen and you don't know what.' I stood still, and she pulled my hair and slapped me and I looked at her. You got me here.” [el seno]. I looked at her and said are you done? He added: “He pulled me, slapped me, and I left.”

“In the room. The boy is in his bed, and I am on the floor, sleeping separately. He even banged on the bedroom door.” “I entered the room and took her away. I wanted him to leave. She was hitting the wall, and I couldn't do anything. He called me horrible, rude things. When I got to the car I found something that scared me a lot. [una pistola]. “I was able to convince him to leave,” he said. “My best friend from Mexico bought me a ticket to Argentina and I ended up in my city.”

The model also says Andrade's transgressions reached the point where he “called my mom and dad” in Argentina. But the actress left and “I never saw her again. From 95 to 2010. They met again; they saw each other lovingly and forgot everything. This was the only lesbian relationship she had on a sexual level.

“I don't know if you're aware of what I went through, but I lived it. The truth is that I don't regret it, and I don't hide it or deny it either. I'm very honored that I allowed myself to experience something different. “How beautiful it is to be able to turn the page, forgive, and see People who maybe didn't end well for something [está bien]”.

Now Lorena Meritano and Yolanda Andrade are “friends again” and “we have a very nice friendship.”

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