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La Casa de los Famosos 4 LIVE: Alfredo Adam is the ninth player to be eliminated

La Casa de los Famosos 4 LIVE: Alfredo Adam is the ninth player to be eliminated

Does La Divaza mark the eliminated week mark?

Fans are promoting theories about the fact that the person eliminated is supposedly the person who La Divaza gives two points to on nomination night, which is why many people believe that he is the favorite person on the reality show.

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Well, La Divaza gave two points to Alfredo Adam this week, and he continues to do it right, now pay attention to who they nominate next week #Lcdlf4 pic.twitter.com/NeZT5w0I1Q

– Konrad Monteiro Falcone (@soykonrad) March 26, 2024

Cristina is rescued and Alfredo leaves Adam

Alfredo Adam is the ninth to be eliminated from La Casa de los Famosos 4 because he did not receive enough votes from his fans.

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The excluded person is Alfredo Adam #LCLF4 pic.twitter.com/oxiDG4HJSU

– Nacho Con O (@Michelsonfancl) March 26, 2024

Hours before the elimination ceremony, Maribelli went with Aleska and Alana to bid them farewell in case she was the one leaving La Casa dreaming of winning $200,000 USD.

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Maribelli says goodbye to Alana and Aleska#LCLF4 pic.twitter.com/1a0m37SGMO

– LCDLF (@MomentosDeLCDLF) March 25, 2024

Maribelle packs her bag

Regardless of the outcome of tonight's public vote, all candidates should pack their bags and enter the Multi-Purpose Room with them.

Maribelli packs her bag (screenshot)

Residents are in the kitchen eating and, in the case of the candidates, enjoying what could be their final hours inside the house.

Who are all the eliminated people from La Casa de los Famosos 4?

following Famous house 4 They have seen eight evictions this latest season. In addition, two contestants chose to withdraw voluntarily.

-Gregorio Pernia (out)

– Carlos Gomez “The Valley”

Guty Carrera is no longer at La Casa de los Famosos.

Who was saved from weekly elimination in Famous House 4?

Paulo Quevedo was responsible for saving one of the candidates from the ninth elimination inside Los Angeles celebrity house 4, Well, the actor became the weekly leader after successfully passing the test that the production put in front of the residents.

After a positioning ceremony where battles were the order of the day, Paulo Quevedo I decided to Bronka They will be saved from elimination on Monday, March 25.

La Bronca was rescued (Photo: Telemundo)

Famous house 4 It will be his Ninth expulsionnot counting the voluntary abandonments and expulsion of Carlos “El Cañón” Gomez on Monday, March 25 in New Judgment ceremony Which will put an end to one resident's participation.

Internet users on social media gave their predictions about the identity of the ninth excluded from the 2024 season, after last week. Gotti Carrera He was the eighth to be fired after not meeting the expectations of Hispanic viewers who live in the United States and watch the reality show. Telemundo.

During this week, it was clear that the three teams' strategies were still on point, and this was reflected in the results of the nomination ceremony. Unfortunately, there are five participants at risk of leaving the competition. Today is Monday 25 March.

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La Casa de los Famosos 4 LIVE, which was eliminated today, Monday, March 25. Credit: telemundorealities, IG