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The Academy of Sciences honors the students and teachers of the Hermanas Mirabal Scientific High School

The Academy of Sciences honors the students and teachers of the Hermanas Mirabal Scientific High School

The Town Crier, Santo Domingo- The Academy of Sciences of the Dominican Republic (ACRD) on Friday honored the students, teachers and management of the “Dr. Miguel Canela Lázaro Scientific High School” in Hermanas Mirabal Province, for receiving the award in the category of “Frank Joe Sexton Memorial Pit Crew Award – High School Division”, after its participation challenge at the 2023 NASA Human Exploration Challenge in Huntsville.

The event was chaired by Dr. Esteban Tiburcio Gómez, ACRD member number, who recognized the talent, dedication and dedication of the students and the team that accompanied them, raising the name of the Dominican Republic.

“A lighthouse never lights its base, it lights up the horizon, you are a beacon and a point of reference for thousands of young people in the Dominican Republic, from ACRD we are committed to supporting this type of project,” said the academic.

The Director of the Study Center, Caterina Clemente, thanked ACRD for their appreciation of the efforts of the students, the support team and the educational facility.

“Without a doubt, it is an excellent example of how well our students can practice life and teamwork skills that are enhanced through our learning center’s signature STEAM teaching approach,” said the teacher.

Recognized youngsters are Francisco Vazquez, Julie Beto, Ilhel Duarte, Adriel Talamo, Gordelina Paez, Ana Ramos, Julian Paez, John Then, Laura Cruz, Darlene Moya, Milica Gonzalez, Yhornel Mingui, Camila Camilo, Tiffany Nunez.

Also honored were Professor Andre Araujo, the official teacher and advisor of the winning team, and the Director of the Centre, Caterina Clemente.

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With this award, Artemis 17 became the first Dominican team to participate in the secondary level and in the public education sector in the country.

The group demonstrated ingenuity and leadership behavior in solving exemplary problems for the “Rover Human Exploration Challenge 2023,” which was held in Huntsville, Alabama, United States, over the weekend.

The ceremony was attended by Dr. Arthur Holguin, ACRD Assistant Chair, Yesica Díaz, Director of Human Resources, Administrative Staff, and High School Teachers.