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Thanks to this product, Andrea Legarreta quit Hoy and didn't care about anything |  video

Thanks to this product, Andrea Legarreta quit Hoy and didn’t care about anything | video

Inside the world of entertainment and entertainmentone of the most popular morning televised programs for the Mexican audience is “Hoy” and now one of the most popular hosts of this program has grabbed and attracted the attention of the audience, Andrea Legarreta.

A famous woman is a wife Eric Rubin He caused a furore in the show business after he made blunt confessions about his time on ‘Hoy’, remember it well. Legarita He’s been in the ranks of Televisa for over 30 years.

In this context, Legarreta is known as one of the presenters and Workers From the beloved Televisa of this company, which is now called interest The fact that she revealed her resignation from the show today after more than two decades of being one of the main faces of morning.

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This was done through the “With permission” program, which is broadcast on singlethat Legarreta was frank in front of the audience when talking to him Juan Jose Urigil and Martha Figueroa. Although they talked about different topics, the truth is that they brought to light the fact that Mia Rubin’s mother revealed how many times she gave up the morning show “Hoy”.

Andrea Legareta is one of the first “Hoy” hosts. Photo: special

Andrea Legareta has resigned from ‘Today’

The driver revealed that she hosted this morning for nearly 22 years, remembering that she worked on “Today” with the journalist. William Ochoa Before this program became the one we know today and just called “today”.

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Through the conversation that Legarreta tells in an interview Originally It was presented in 2018, which resumed on Monday, April 25, by the mentioned channel, which has resigned from the program several times.

Andrea Legareta revealed that she quit multiple times, “If I wanted to leave the show for Situations It just happened and I didn’t enjoy it, and in fact if I quit,” the celebrity revealed.

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The Producer That Made Andrea Legareta Resign

The driver revealed that one of the reasons the basic Who decided to leave ‘Hoy’ because of Differences He co-starred with Argentine producer Roberto Romagnoli, who produced “Hoy” between 2008 and 2009.

“For example, I didn’t like the way someone produced (…) I didn’t like the way Romagnoli treated her people and different things, so I said ‘If I leave I won’t have to change anything,’ said Legarreta: ‘I’m just another ingredient. “.

Given this data, conversation Bibello and Martha praised the driver and emphasized that she was very professional and responsible because when she quit she gave her place to herself as well as giving value to her ideologies professionals.

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In conclusion, Andrea added that despite wanting quit In the past, he is now very happy with his job at the mentioned morning newspaper.

“I really enjoy being in Hue, I have felt so much support from the bosses and from the company in general,” said Legarreta.


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