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Tepatitlán FC: From agony in the third division to the pursuit of the Final

Tepatitlán FC: From agony in the third division to the pursuit of the Final

Mexico City /

In June 2020, the Tepatitlan FC The process and compliance with the requirements started to be part of the new Expansion period, Being one of the two teams that entered this tournament from The Premier League, or third division, of Mexican football.

Barely ten months later, Guadalajara’s painting was in A prelude to the final of the new tournament, As it competes with 11 teams that were already in Promotion Division Two new franchises (Morelia and Cancun) And two subsidiaries support them Chivas And Bomas.

What is the key to success?

But how did Tepatitlán FC achieve such a rapid rise in sports? Victor Flores CozioAnd the Team Leader Jalisco, He explained in an interview with Mediotempo The way this achievement was accomplished.

“The team is planning to look for a place in.” Promotion slugAnd the Two years ago it was strengthened and today it pays off in the semi-finals against a competitor like Zacatecas He’s got all the experience, “he said in a phone interview

Part of their success this season was, the manager noted Experience and relationships They achieved when they led Project Atlas. He said that allowed them to bring in players and build a team with soccer players who might not have been able to employ them at another time.

We have experience, first-class experience. He added, “I was the owner of one of the clubs and this is what provided us with many players who trusted us and this is what attracted them to participate in the project.”

“Relationships that lasted for many years helped us get players that we weren’t able to achieve at another time.”

The idea of ​​being in first class

Regarding the illusion of stomping on section One, Which at the moment is not open to teams Expansion League, Flores Cosio He noted that they are realistic, and although they are not losing hope, they are not currently ready for the first trip.

We can’t rule it out, but we have to be very realistic at this point. We are not ready for a first degreeBut this league is good for us to keep growing with it and with the fans.

He concluded, “In this sense, we will wait a few years for the possibility of promotion to take effect and in time to see what requirements we need in the beginning.”