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Tensions are high in Ukraine: this is what is happening between the United States and Russia

Tensions increase Ukraine, Pigeon Conflicts between pro-Russian separatists and Kiev forces have resumed. Russia and the United States are now at odds, NATO has issued a clear final warning a Vladimir Putin, Asked to stop provocations near the Ukrainian border.

When there was the Battle of Donbass on the front pages of all the newspapers, it seems to have gone back in time. Yes, because at last Military movements, Along with announcements of actors on the field, to accommodate the winds of dangerous war. Six Royal Air Force jets They go to Eastern Europe The Kiev government responded by sending Russian troops with about 41,000 troops on the eastern Ukrainian border and 42,000 troops to Crimea.

Biden-Putin phone conversation

Let them know from Moscow that this is only an exercise, but not so Then Washington does not seem to believe this version. The Allies reaffirmed the firm support of the Atlantic Front for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and its interest in strengthening the military. Russia And the Kremlin support for (allegedly) violating the ceasefire by extremists. NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg, Reiterated that the Allies do not recognize and will not recognize Russia’s illegal and illegal annexation of Crimea.

Further Joe Biden Interfered with the first person. President of the United States, In a phone call with a Russian numberPutin urged to ease tensions, otherwise “Will act decisively“To protect Kiev. According to White House reports, Biden.”Expresses our concern over the sudden build-up of Russian troops in occupied Crimea and on the borders of Ukraine and calls on Russia to defuse tensions“It simply came to our notice then.

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Moscow vs. US and NATO: “They want a powder keg in Ukraine”

Putin explained to Biden how Russia wants to resolve the crisis in the Donbass politically through the aforementioned Minsk agreements. A note from the Kremlin announced the details of the conversation between the two leaders. “During the exchange of views on the Ukrainian internal crisis, Vladimir Putin outlined approaches to a political solution based on the package. Minsk Agreements. The two presidents agreed to instruct the relevant services to resolve issues raised during the telephone conversation“, Reads the Russian report.

Russia has previously accused Washington and other NATO countries of trying to turn Ukraine into a “kind”.Powder magazine“Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Rybkov is very tough. If the situation worsens, Moscow will declare.”It will do all it can to ensure the safety and security of our citizens wherever they are“.”Kiev and its allies in the West will be solely responsible for the consequences of any decision ExpansionRyapkov added.

Symptoms of anxiety

Note that pro-Russian separatists and Ukrainian forces have been involved in the conflict in eastern Ukraine since 2014, i.e. since the annexation of Moscow Crimea. Various sources explain that the area is in danger of exploding at any moment. Two U.S. warships – the destroyer Donald Cook and Roosevelt – are due to arrive in the Black Sea. Immediate Russian warning: “For their own benefit“They are far from the Crimea.

Russia, meanwhile, has transferred 15 warships from the Caspian Sea to the Black Sea, explaining that this is a normal, routine operation that takes place in late winter. Finally, during a secret phone call, Biden asked Putin Meeting Face to face in a third country to resolve tensions. Let’s see what the next developments will be.

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