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Biden warns Putin about Ukraine and announces withdrawal from Afghanistan-Corriere.it

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WASHINGTON – Oops Biden proposes a summit to Vladimir Putin. At the same time it is getting ready Announce withdrawal date from Afghanistan: September 11, 2021, the twentieth anniversary Attack on the Twin Towers. So about 2,500 American soldiers will return home, and according to NATO agreements there are 7,000 allies, including 800 Italians. Among other things, Biden defined relations with Italy as “essential” and celebrated 160 years of diplomatic relations with our country. Yesterday, however, the US president turned his attention Dangerous expansion in Ukraine. He had one Long phone call with Russian leader More than an interview on March 17th Called a “killer.”. But, frankly, the conversation needs to be restarted for the escalation of the crisis. The Washington administration is actively pursuing calls for assistance from Kiev and monitoring the Russians’ maneuvers: 40,000 troops were concentrated on the eastern border of Ukraine, and 40,000 emigrated to the Crimea, the Moscow-occupied peninsula in 2014. In addition, the Ministry of Defense makes it known to the Russian defense There are 15 warships on the way to the Black Sea, “In the framework of already planned exercises”.

However, the coincidence is difficult to note: a few days ago the Turkish government announced that it intended to send war units (perhaps an aircraft carrier) to the Crimean coast. However, the Pentagon did not confirm. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Rybkov has strongly warned Americans: “Stay away from our coast in the Crimea. I say this for their benefit. “. Biden’s ministers are mobilized. Following the NATO meeting on the crisis, Foreign Secretary Anthony Blinken met with his Ukrainian rival Dimitrik Kuleba in Brussels yesterday. Meanwhile, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin announces from Berlin that the United States will not only reduce its presence in Germany, but will actually strengthen it by adding 500 troops to its approximately 36,000 service. The matter is becoming more and more complicated. An example: Now Turkish Recep Tayyip Erdogan is proposing himself as mediator.

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So Biden decided to test Putana: A start-up and a political challenge. The White House statement reads: “President Biden emphasizes the unwavering commitment of the United States to safeguarding Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. The goal of the president Build a stable and predictable relationship with RussiaThis is in line with US interests. ” Conclusion: Biden “proposes to hold a third summit in the coming months to discuss in full detail the issues affecting the United States and Russia.” Excludes Ukraine, the list includes Nuclear weapons, Iran, Syria and Afghanistan.

April 13, 2021 (change April 13, 2021 | 22:32)

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