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Anthony Blinkan confirmed the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan: "It is time to bring our troops home."

Anthony Blinkan confirmed the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan: “It is time to bring our troops home.”

U.S. troops patrol Afghanistan National Army base in Logar province. August 7, 2018. REUTERS / Omar Sobhani

US Secretary of State Anthony Blink, Confirmed the withdrawal of the US military in Brussels this Wednesday Afghanistan, so what Washington will withdraw “integrated” with its allies, This put an end to the long war in which the United States participated, despite fears of a Taliban victory.

“Together we have achieved the goals we set. Now is the time to bring our troops home. “ he said Flash In Brussels, he added, “In the coming weeks and months we are going to work together on safe, solid and integrated withdrawal.”

Blingen’s statements come a day after senior White House officials announced Ahead of 9/11, the 20th anniversary of the 2001 attacks, President Joe Biden will withdraw all his troops from Afghanistan.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken (via Kenzo Triplard REUTERS)
US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken (via Kenzo Triplard REUTERS)

There will be withdrawals Five months after the deal with the Taliban His predecessor, Donald Trump, was approached to withdraw the US.

Biden, who made the announcement on Wednesday, concluded that the United States could complete the process by 9/11.A senior official said anonymously on Tuesday.

The Democratic president should consider retaining the remaining power in Afghanistan to attack Al Qaeda or respond to threats from the Islamic State, or move forward on the ground and slow down peace talks, as other presidents have already done. .

In the end, He did not choose between the two and would order a complete bankruptcy, leaving no person to defend American facilities., Including the embassy in Kabul.

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“The president ruled that a conditional approach that has been in place for the past two decades would mean staying in Afghanistan forever,” the official explained.

Biden said “there is no military solution to Afghanistan and his view that we have been there for a long time was consistent.”White House spokeswoman Jen Zhaki said Tuesday that the date of the withdrawal had not been confirmed.

In the picture, Joe Biden, President of the United States.  EFE / EPA / Yuri Gripas
In the picture, Joe Biden, President of the United States. EFE / EPA / Yuri Gripas

However, for the Afghans, the fighting will continue. The official made the brief remarks after US intelligence released a threat assessment report, warning that the “dangerous Afghan government” would have difficulty controlling the “trusted” Taliban if the Washington-led coalition withdraws.

The Trump administration reached an agreement with the Taliban in February 2020, allowing all U.S. troops to leave the country by May 2021, in exchange for the rebels’ promise that they would not support al Qaeda and other extremists., Which sparked the original invasion of 2001.

The Biden official said the withdrawal would begin in May and that the delay was mainly due to logistical reasons, so troops were likely to withdraw from Afghanistan before 9/11.

However, the High Office warned The Taliban – now fighting the United States, but not with Afghan forces – will have a “strong response” if they attack troops as they leave..

“We have very clear links with the Taliban, and if they carry out attacks against the United States or its allies, we will withdraw.“We will respond and come the hard way,” he said.

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The Taliban are unknown

The Taliban in a threat assessment report released by the Director of National Intelligence on TuesdayHope they can achieve military victory”.

Afghan soldiers.  Ministry of Defense of Afghanistan
Afghan soldiers. Ministry of Defense of Afghanistan

“Afghan forces continue to defend key cities and other government strongholds, but are engaged in defensive operations and are having difficulty maintaining recaptured territory or relocating to abandoned areas by 2020,” the document said.

Afghan civilians, Taliban suspected of returning to power They have paid the right rate for the bloody fight for decades.

A The rise of the Taliban This raised fears among many Afghan women. The Taliban, which imposes a strict view of Sunni Islam, banned girls from participating in schools, offices, concerts and almost all civilian life during the years they ruled most of Afghanistan, including 1996 and 2001.

The Fiden official said the United States would use “tools” to continue to fight for women’s rights He stressed that 40% of Afghan students are now women.

“We will do everything we can with the international community to secure those victories, but not by continuing with military force on the ground.”

    Afghan soldiers in Afghan armed training.  Ministry of Defense of Afghanistan
Afghan soldiers in Afghan armed training. Ministry of Defense of Afghanistan

Peace Conference in Turkey

When did Pitan’s end come Turkey announces dates for peace conference in Afghanistan, which could unite government, Taliban and international partners In which, again, some women will participate.

Turkey, Qatar and the UN will host a high-level inclusive conference between representatives of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Taliban in IstanbulThe Turkish Foreign Ministry said.

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The text added that the organizers of the conference, which runs from April 24 to May 4, are “committed to supporting a sovereign, independent and united Afghanistan.”

The conference will lead to “a blueprint for future political agreement and the end of the conflict.”Said the Turkish Foreign Ministry.

But still Mohammad Naeem, Taliban office spokesman in Qatar

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