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Cubans leave the country on a boat through the Pinar del Rio in full view of the military

Cubans leave the country on a boat through the Pinar del Rio in full view of the military

A video that has gone viral in the past few hours shows the moment several Cubans jumped from the beach into the sea. Charred grapefruitPinar del Río, a few meters off the coast to escape the country on a speedboat.

The incident, which took place in broad daylight, shows three young men in olive green uniforms who witnessed the scene and could do little to stop the attempt to flee the country illegally.

“No, what a bullet, what a beast…give it….it’s yours…!,” A Cuban woman who was witnessing from the edge of the scene could be heard squealing with great joy.

“We’re not leaving, don’t worry, we’re signing up, but we’re not leaving…”He further informed the officials present.

However, the woman chastised the resistance of those in uniform for encouraging the walkout: “Hey, let them go, we’re doing a lot of work here!”

Faced with the passivity of the young men in uniform, many Internet users on social networks admitted that they were not officers of the Border Guard troops. Recruits of Active Military Service (SMA).

“Army boys are nostalgic, they should have had the opportunity to explore where the fish are,” commented one Cuban jokingly.

Others imagine finding themselves faced with similar possibilities to escape the country and ask, “What time does that route pass through the Cuban beaches?”

At the end of this note, there is no record of the emigrants ever reaching the Florida coast. It’s also unclear when the incident took place, although several comments on social media point to the outing as being more recent.

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Despite the legal channels promoted by the US government to provide safe migration channels, not all Cubans seeking to leave the country have access to them, resulting in illegal departures that were approved in January, despite a new humanitarian parole program. Efforts by sea continue.

Arrivals of rafters through the Miami sector reached a new high of 5,929 migrants in April., according to official statistics. Data released by CBP in May revealed that arrivals to Florida’s beaches are even higher, totaling more than 22,000 in the first seven months of fiscal year 2023 (FY2023).

As the so-called Central American Route and alternative routes of entry through some points along the Mexican border are gradually closed, arrivals in South Florida are up 476 percent since December, when 1,245 Cubans arrived.

The number of rafters who landed in Florida in April was the highest in three years, a sign that the illegal Cuban exodus has not stopped. Despite attempts by coastal authorities to prevent it, the seabed remains permeable.

The United States government remains inflexible in its approach to the rafters and uses expedited repatriation processes. Since April 27, there have been migrants detained at sea Automatic disqualification from eligibility for parole benefits Humanity In the immediate future.

Repatriations of sea arrivals will also be expedited, officials warned, following the lifting of the Title 42 health order on May 11.

However, those who do not have the possibility of parole before them on reality shows continue to try.