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Fourth accused of election meddling in Georgia pleads guilty, tightens Trump’s circle |  International

Fourth accused of election meddling in Georgia pleads guilty, tightens Trump’s circle | International

Atlanta prosecutor Fannie Willis continues to tighten the grip on former President Donald Trump, who has been charged with 13 felony counts of trying to sway the Georgia state election. Jenna Ellis, a lawyer for the Trump campaign in the 2020 presidential elections, pleaded guilty Tuesday in a plea deal with prosecutors in which she accepted a reduced sentence. She was the fourth of the 19 defendants to do so. They all agreed to testify at trial.

Trump, who compared himself to Nelson Mandela this Monday, is looking at how some of those directly involved in the election coup attempt in Georgia are conspiring to overturn Joe Biden’s victory and declare him the winner. Accusation.

Ellis pleaded guilty to one count of false statements and writings. He agreed to serve five years on probation and pay $5,000 in restitution. In addition, he will perform 100 hours of community service and, like previous defendants who have pleaded guilty, has agreed to write a letter of apology to the citizens of Georgia.

Trump is charged with 13 counts of violating Georgia’s fraud statute, conspiracy to impersonate an officer, coercing an officer to betray his oath of office and conspiracy to file false documents.

Two more Trump campaign lawyers pleaded guilty last week. Kenneth Chesbro, 62, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to file false documents, for which the former president was also charged. Chesbro is accused of coordinating and executing a scheme to have 16 Georgia Republicans sign affidavits falsely declaring Trump won the state. they. Trump lost the election in that state by less than 12,000 votes.

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Attorney Sidney Powell, 68, pleaded guilty Thursday to six misdemeanor counts of conspiracy to intentionally interfere in election operations. Apart from Trump, Chesbro and Powell are two of the six co-conspirators in the lawsuit filed in Washington against the former president for meddling in the 2020 elections, expected to go on trial next March 4. year.

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Last month, bail bondsman Scott Graham Hall, a lower-level defendant, had already pleaded guilty to five misdemeanors and was sentenced to five years of probation.

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