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Another 111 Venezuelan immigrants deported from the United States arrived in Mikedia

Another 111 Venezuelan immigrants deported from the United States arrived in Mikedia

This Monday, flight N277EA, SWQ3960, from Texas with a stopover in Miami, landed at Mikedia International Airport with 111 Venezuelan migrants deported from the United States.

This is the second “return” flight conducted by the government of Nicolás Maduro, subject to an agreement with the Biden administration.

According to Maduro, these Venezuelans were treated as murderers and terrorists. In fact, he revealed, they were “subjected to psychological torture and fed rotten and frozen food.”

“Our guys in America are treated so badly, we have a collection of evidence that they are mistreated in prisons like criminals. A boy who spent a year in prison, what crime did he commit? “No crime, being an immigrant and believing in the American dream turned out to be tragic,” he said.

The President once again denounced the network of coyotes, led by opposition leaders David Smolanski, Carlos Vecchio, Leopoldo López and Juan Guaido, who promote Venezuelan immigration to the United States.

In this regard, he reiterated his call to his compatriots in other countries to return to their homeland: “In the false narrative of the American dream, do not believe the siren songs.”

For his part, Interior Minister, Remigio Ceballos, “After the difficult moments they experienced abroad, the comrades were welcomed with great care to guarantee their human rights and reintegration into Venezuelan society,” he said.

“In the first group we got 127 people, this time we have 111 people, they will focus and then give them movement so that the constitutional text, in accordance with the guarantees of their human rights,” he informed. Venezuelan Television (VTV).