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Cubans in the US send messages to colleagues on the island

Cubans in the US send messages to colleagues on the island

Cubans who recently arrived in the U.S. took the opportunity to showcase their work as builders through social media, sending a message to all Antilleans on the island.

This is the work being done by two Cuban doctors called “recent arrivals.” We are not ashamed of anything,” wrote Cuban doctor Eduardo.

Antilles confirmed that he is not shy about working in construction in America. “I am ashamed to be a doctor in Cuba and to live under a tyrannical regime that robs you of your dreams and freedom. It would shame me to be their accomplice,” he added.

After these West Indians shared their experience through social networks, it didn’t take long for comments from Cuban netizens to pour in, congratulations aside.

Cubans wish US workers a better future

“Good job! Earning an honest living and respecting someone else’s life plan is an honor. Blessings always!” They commented.

I don’t know how this tweet didn’t get more reaction. I congratulate you both and others who act like you, it is important where you are now, but the direction you are going,” said another Cuban.

“No job should embarrass anyone, all jobs are equally important. Before humans needed a doctor, they needed someone to build a place to live and protect themselves from predators, cold and rain,” they added.

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It is important to mention that day by day, more and more Cuban citizens decide to risk their lives by jumping overboard or making dangerous journeys to different countries in order to reach the United States in search of the so-called “American Dream”. “, forced by a lack of opportunities and worsening poverty in Cuba.

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