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Covid: How do I get vaccinated as a tourist in the United States - USA - International

Covid: How do I get vaccinated as a tourist in the United States – USA – International

Florida is currently the state E.E. U.U. With more cases than New varieties of Govit-19, So different cities got priority as to accessing vaccines Miami Who is open to their campaign to include vulnerable people and even tourists.

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Florida added 9,068 new Govt-19 cases on Tuesday, the highest number since February, with 64 deaths, 2,134,914 cases worldwide and 34,784 deaths since the outbreak.

A spokesman for the Miami mayor’s office, Soledo Cedro, told Caracal Radio on Tuesday. Strategy to facilitate anticoagulant vaccination.

“In Florida, people over the age of 18 can be vaccinated without medication. The only thing is, they live in Florida (…) There are times when they ask for documents, otherwise one can go without problems. But there are times when they ask for documents, without which they will not be vaccinated,” Cetro said. Said in a statement to the media.

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In Florida, to access a vaccine, you must Show a valid driver’s license or official identification With photo provided by the government or application bill with Florida address or lease agreement.

The PMC’s Pfizer Covit-19 vaccine is coming to pharmacies in the United States.


Jessica Rinaldi. EFE

In addition, Cetro explained that he had refused to vaccinate tourists from the beginning, but everything had changed.

“Tourism for the vaccine was initially rejected very harshly because there were no vaccines for residents. Health insurance covered this, and then the price of the vaccine was offset, not tourism. There was a rejection which was taxable. Residents could not and tourists could afford it. It will be open and residents will not have a problem until they get the vaccines, ”the official told Karakal Radio.

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Democrat congressmen, on the other hand, are coming to Florida this morning for “flexibility” when it comes to Florida’s Republican Ron Desantis Proof of residency is required for undocumented immigrants seeking vaccination against Govt-19.

According to the Miami Herald newspaper, these requirements are not enough for many activists, some of the approximately 775,000 undocumented immigrants living in the state, or the 200,000 agricultural workers who work seasonally and live with their families.

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