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They won the Powerball lottery, but they couldn’t collect a single dollar because they made an unforgivable mistake

They won the Powerball lottery, but they couldn’t collect a single dollar because they made an unforgivable mistake

Between lotteries The most popular in the US are Mega Millions and Powerball, Place where participants can pick up Millions of dollars in prizes. There are those who overcome all the odds and win big jackpots, however, luck never stops smiling at them. This happened to two friends who were loan sharks A million dollars A few years ago they matched all the numbers in the draw and threw away the ticket so they couldn’t collect the amount. The men blamed the New Jersey Lottery for the inconvenience because they said officials did not update winning numbers on its website in a timely manner.

Salvatore Cambria and Eric Onyango are the protagonists of this unfortunate story. According to their testimony, in March 2013, they purchased three Powerball tickets at a convenience store located on the outskirts of Mahwah, New Jersey. A few minutes after the picture was drawn.Onyango checked the winning numbers on his phone and dictated them to his friend, who confirmed that none of his tickets had won. “I crumpled it up, put it in an empty cigarette pack and put it in my trash can,” Cambria explained. CBS News At that time.

The men read the previous results and believed that they had not won anythingPixabe

However, the statistics they studied They were from the previous draw. Before they realized their mistake, the ticket was already in the trash. Despite their efforts to recover it, the lawsuit they filed against the New Jersey Lottery, They failed to collect their million dollars.

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A similar story occurred in Tennessee in March 2021, when Sparta’s Nick Slaton won $1 million. But when he went to collect it, he realized that the ticket was lost. The man recalled that upon learning of the win, he ran to his then-girlfriend’s workplace and told her of his fortune. He went on to do more work in various placesSo I don’t know where to look for it.

However, this story had a different ending than the friends from New Jersey Slotton found the ticket On the floor of an auto parts store parking lot, hours earlier he had run over one of his brothers. “It’s a million dollar bill and someone passed it”said for NBC News.

With the money earned, Slatton and his partner planned to buy a car and a new house to live “more carefree”.

Jose Rivera is one of those who could not collect his millionaire prize because according to his reports, They stole the ticket. In February of this year, California Lottery officials announced the winner of the historic Powerball prize. The one who took more than 2000 million dollars is the Hispanic Edwin Castro. However, this victory was filled with controversy after Rivera He will confirm that he is the real owner of the ticket.

The California Lottery has clarified that it will not investigate any claims of stolen tickets.Pixabe

The man reported the theft to the California Lottery and the police. Besides, Castro sued for not paying his money. However, lottery officials issued a statement explaining that they recognized Castro as the winner.

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As per Powerball Lottery guidelines, Tickets are the only way to check if the draw has been playedSo no gift can be claimed without it.