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Who is at risk of being deported to Cuba by the Biden administration?

Who is at risk of being deported to Cuba by the Biden administration?

flight path Deportation to Cuba From America This week started with a flight of 123 peopleAnd odds of second round of returns will be fulfilled in coming days.

The Joe Biden administration Deportation flights to Cuba have resumed – a freeze since December 2020 – as part of a strategy to stop Irregular Flow of Cuban Migrants Through Border Points And discourage unstoppable sea passage through the Straits of Florida, as agreed by top federal officials.

As noted in a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) document prepared in December 2022, Negotiations were held with the Cuban government That includes Washington’s commitment to re-enforcing immigration deals and restarting deportation flights. At least 20 thousand visas should be issued per year For Cuban immigrants, this was not accomplished during the administration Donald Trump.

“As part of this discussion, DHS is seeking to resume removal flights to Cuba. However, the Cuban government has agreed to accept only one flight per month in line with deportation frequencies on chartered flights prior to the pandemic. Such a limited number of evacuation flights, in the absence of other efforts, will allow DHS to border “It will not have a material effect to increase the number of Cuban nationals detained at the points,” said the report, filed in documents of the judicial process. For humanitarian parole in Texas court.

Excerpt from DHS report from December 2022.

However, after the bilateral immigration talks held in Washington last April, the The Cuban side said it could get up to two charter flights with Cubans Considered deportable.

Yes right Conventions and deportation lists for so-called “incompetents” were established by both countries in 1984. After completing their sentences in the United States, the proceeds accrued to individuals convicted of serious crimes, who now have irregular entries into the United States.

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The number of Cubans with a final order of deportation after serious crimes in the United States According to official figures, it is more than 42,000, but if the cases of detained migrants who do not meet the “credible fear” requirements at the asylum interview are included, the number of deportations is much higher.

“Unfortunately, the deportation of Cubans has stopped focusing on the criminals in order to focus on the desperate people coming to the United States to escape the devastation, suffering and persecution in Cuba,” he said. Cyber ​​Cuba Lawyer Willie Allen.

Unofficial versions indicate that a second plane chartered by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) may depart from a Georgia airport in the coming days with more than a hundred Cubans.

Neither DHS nor the State Department responded to questions about Cyber ​​Cuba Among deportable groups.

It is estimated that up to 15,000 more Cubans would be included if classified with statistics of arrested immigrants and deportation orders.. They mostly came through the Mexican border or managed to land on the Florida coast Conclusion of Dry Foot/Wet Foot Policy, January 2017.

Allen explained that Cubans currently detained after losing or submitting their asylum applications are at imminent risk of deportation. “Credible fear” cases (risk of persecution or torture in return). The majority of this group has an I-220B document issued upon entry into the country.

Some Cubans with I-220Bs are released upon entering the country under the supervision of an electronic shackle or restraint device, and are required to report to ICE offices regularly.

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“It is not recommended that people avoid coming to appointments for fear of deportation because they are breaking the law and may be considered fugitives,” Allen said.

The attorney reiterated that those who came across borders and received an I-220A document (monitored release permit) or humanitarian parole, regardless of its duration, should not worry.

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“Dry foot/wet foot” policy was discontinued by management Barack ObamaThe agreement to reform immigration policy for Cubans includes a provision to review the list of persons subject to deportation. In 1980 Mariel came through the port. as well as accepting the return of others deemed “ineligible” to remain in the United States.

But the Cuban government has insisted that it will not automatically accept all individuals identified as deportable by US authorities, and that the return of Cubans with final deportation orders will be carried out on a “case-by-case basis”. “Without establishing a channel for greater income.

as 2,746 Deductible Original List from Mariel Ferry Only 478 Cubans remained pending deportation, with the Havana regime agreeing to exchange some names with other citizens who later immigrated and were declared ineligible to reside in the United States. The Cuban government noted that returnees must meet “the requirements agreed upon as part of this joint negotiation.”

But when the findings of the 2017 agreement were presented, then-DHS Secretary, H JohnsonThe Cuban government has agreed to the return of all Cuban citizens declared deportable by immigration courts, as well as the expeditious return of those who attempted to enter the United States illegally.

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when The Donald Trump administration set a historic record for deportations to Cuba with 3,385 people. The largest number of Cubans returned by a US president in nearly four decades.

Before an ICE flight from Miami International Airport last Monday, The An earlier air operation to deport Cubans It happened on December 29, 2020 with 48 people.