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A third party threatens both Democrats and Republicans

A third party threatens both Democrats and Republicans

NY.— Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the purveyor of anti-vaccine conspiracy theories and scion of a famous Democratic dynasty, launched his independent bid for president today.

African-American philosopher and community leader Cornel West made the same decision last week, and a new political party, No Labels, has stepped up candidate recruitment.

While politics remain bleak, a frenzy of new unknown candidates threatens to weaken both major parties as Democratic President Joe Biden and Republican former President Donald Trump tighten their grip on their parties’ presidential nominations.

There is little concern that independent candidates or third parties can win the presidency, however, they may shift support to the Democratic or Republican candidate.

A strong sense of unease is spreading, especially among Democratic Party officials, who see those candidates as dangerous wild cards reminiscent of 2016, when Green Party candidate Jill Stein managed to close Trump’s margin by a narrow margin.

Contributors to third-party efforts make no apologies for their work.

“Americans are hungry for options. So, brace yourself,” Stein said in an interview. “What we’re seeing is a voter revolt. It’s been brewing for a long time.”

The appearance of those candidates is a stark reminder of the extreme volatility and uncertainty of the 2024 presidential election.

Although the candidates of the two major parties, Biden and Trump, are very unpopular.

They are running at a time when the country is mired in dangerous political divisions, economic worries and a deep desire for a new generation of leadership in Washington.